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  • Divisional highlights: the value of fibre

    Divisional highlights: the value of fibre


    Management ready to look at ways to bring out the value of BT’s emerging fibre infrastructure. Beyond the current crisis and recession fears, BT Global advancing down the path to recovery. Sudden freeze of live events underlines the importance of BT Sport to Consumer division financial performance.

  • Spending: capex surge still around the corner

    Spending: capex surge still around the corner


    Lockdown slows network rollout, but capex remains on track to ramp up from next year. Existing cost cutting to be coupled with pandemic-driven spending reviews for additional sustainable savings. New Huawei rules said not to add to BT’s swap-out burden.

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    BT continues to mull post-COVID-19 working options


    Jansen seeks a return to normality. Changes to practices are afoot, however: Work Your Way flexible working initiative launched; distributed working pros and cons explored.

  • Q1 FY20–21: Jansen rallies troops for collective effort

    BT Group Q1 FY20–21


    First full COVID-19 quarter sees a sharp decline in revenue and EBITDA. Outflow of cash as network investment continues. Group CEO Jansen claims mists are clearing, enabling Group to issue guidance for the year — although BT anticipates little improvement until 2021. Openreach progress is the main positive for ...

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    Elsewhere in BT Enterprise: MedTech roll outs and a win with Mavenir


    BT expands R&D efforts with NHSX, and adds Medic Bleep to its NHS offering. Enterprise expands its connected worker portfolio with Onsight from Librestream.

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    BT sanguine on DT investment in London fibre rival


    Minority BT stakeholder Deutsche Telekom adding to its UK interests through an investment in social housing-focused fibre altnet Community Fibre. Former EE Chief Olaf Swantee to make a UK return as venture’s Chairman. Community Fibre building a business case on sharing Openreach ducts and poles with aim to reach ...

  • BT - Piccadilly Lights (Live Coding)

    EE influence sees BT switch multi-million ad account


    AMV BBDO bows out from BT’s advertising after more than 20 years. EE’s main creative partner builds on its success in delivering Beyond Limits. Mobile marketers charged with supporting internal transformation as well as external image.

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    Strategy & Change

    BT steps up SME defence as it awaits insolvency tsunami


    BT Enterprise’s Q1 FY20–21 performance shows a business briefly hollowed out, and anticipating further blows as it begins its recovery. Small Business Support Scheme is promoting ultrafast vouchers, bursaries and training in the hope of softening the impact of the pandemic recession. DCMS-backed scheme once again shows BT ready ...

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    BT drives climate plan with electric vehicle commitment


    Telco continues to add to its carbon reduction plans through partnership with climate groups. Lifting up green-focused startups though a new accelerator programme expected to foster innovation.

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    BT to face bona fide converged challenge from VM–O2


    Liberty Global and Telefónica Group creating a UK “connectivity champion” that will leapfrog Sky to become a close second competitor to BT Group. BT confident in its lead in the convergence race, and upbeat on consolidation opportunities, but Spanish fibre know-how and comparable digital portfolio could present new threat. ...

  • btw313-25-fibre

    BT FY19–20: Fibre target raised — in theory…


    BT is upping the target for full-fibre to 20 million premises passed by the ‘mid- to late-2020s’. 

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    BT FY19–20: Jansen leading through the gloom


    Managed services revenue slumps at Global, while mobile fails to prove itself a panacea across corporate divisions. Guidance for the year largely achieved, but post-COVID-19 uncertainty prompts Group to hold off on future forecasts. Transformation ambitions uprated on internal IT overhaul and redoubled commitment to invest in next-generation networks, ...

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    BT denies Openreach stake sale


    FT report sparks speculation on the future of BT’s access services business as Group market cap hits lows, and worries persist on the funding of fibre rollout plans. BT declined to comment officially but senior management vehemently denied the accuracy of the report in internal comments and on ...

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    BT Q4/FY19–20 results first-take: Fixed and 5G leadership at all cost


    Refusing to relinquish fixed-line or mobile leadership; not alarmed by O2-Virgin Media combination. Q4 and FY19–20 performance largely ignored (was on track). Cautiously positive on weathering COVID-19 crisis, but great uncertainty. Capex rising to fund uprated fibre ambition and Technology-led transformation — carts before horses? Yet more cost-cutting (or ...

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    BT to invest its way through crisis says Jansen


    Jansen declares an ambition to “invest more heavily on the back of this crisis” and use it to identify opportunities to drive economic recovery and benefit all stakeholders. BT CEO claims providing outlook guidance “just impossible” for months to come. No return to business-as-usual expected, but Group gearing up ...

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    BT makes stand against coronavirus


    BT emphasising the critical role of digital infrastructure as the coronavirus pandemic brings dramatic changes to the UK. Support for government initiatives, including big data sharing and boosted NHS connectivity stressed, while management hopes government support will follow as economic challenges to the Group emerge. McRae gives a ...

  • Btw311-wv-18-bt-senior-leadership

    BT reviews senior leadership pay


    A change in remuneration policy currently under review, potentially restricting pension allowances.

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    BT’s Q3 FY19 20: a long road ahead


    Consumer continues to face greater competition Enterprise is still shedding legacy fixed-line revenue at a rate of knots Global is still beating a strategic retreat  Openreach appears to be in reasonable health

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    BT gets to grips with rural agenda


    Developing plans for rural network-sharing for 4G may be echoed in fixed-line plans as BT and government sketch out fibre acceleration strategy. Allera sets out costs of cooperation as mobile sector grapples with putting promises into action.

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    BT’s H1 FY19–20 divisional round up


    BT is continuing its balancing act of underlining the importance of being competitive in retail markets while not being dragged downwards on pricing. Jansen appears ready to fight all comers, while Consumer Chief Executive Marc Allera spends more time emphasising building services that can justify charging a premium.