Financial & Performance

Mystery of Telefónica’s vanishing digital revenue as Tech takes off

Hard‑fought progress at the start to the year looks set to provide a base to hit guidance, with management seeming open to improving outlook as the year progresses. Group keeping its options open on monetising Hispanoamérica interests and its fibre infrastructure in Europe. Telefónica Tech is open for business ...


Network & Infrastructure

Cornerstone to pilot City of London 5G upgrade

“City-wide” open access network being explored. Joint venture’s 2017 contract now appears to include 5G. Deployment will depend on the outcome of trials.



Suitor emerges for Telefónica Uruguay

Grupo Olmos, Argentinian healthcare, insurance, and media conglomerate, formalises intention to enter negotiations for the OB. Former Telefónica Espana CEO Gipérez appointed to “lead” acquisition project.


Suppliers & SCM

Atento targets ‘reshaped’ Telefónica relationship

Contact centre operator Atento claims largest share of Telefónica CX spend. As Atento‑Telefónica MSA expiration nears, the priority is to “earn” business from the operator going forward. Telefónica eyes CX digitalisation in ongoing operational efficiency drive.


Partnerships & Alliances

Telefónica on the front foot with R4E ‘re-skill’ programme

Group-backed EU initiative prepping member states for greater digital adoption and changing landscape of job market. R4E aims to re-skill one million people by 2024. Operator holds re-training interests of its own.