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All the latest insight, news and analysis on telecoms supplier activity with BT, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone.


Suppliers & SCM

Telefónica says continuity vital in 5G SA supplier selection

Operator confirms longstanding network partners Ericsson and Nokia as 5G SA radio suppliers. CTIO claims provider has the “best technology partners” that can help develop 5G “at the highest level of quality”.


Suppliers & SCM

BT, Vodafone “actively pushing” procurement collaboration

BT and Vodafone procurement chiefs back Trust Your Supplier to bring harmony to telco purchasing. Vodafone eventually to “mandate” Trust Your Supplier use. Collaboration between operators key to simplification and digitalisation of the industry, claim Cyril Pourrat and Ninian Wilson.


Suppliers & SCM

DT burnishes green credentials with Fairphone, Samsung partnerships

Group places focus on ensuring sustainability throughout the supplier chain. Nemat emphasises need to retire legacy equipment to save energy and become more economically viable.

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