Strategy & Change

Vodafone’s hardball negotiator displays softer side

VPC’s Wilson says hard-wired, monolithic vendor deals stifling telcos and moving towards collaborative partnerships. Spend mix change seen as in post. Accenture held up as key strategic ally and early adopter of new model. Reality-check acknowledged: old school procurement seen as problem rather solution.



Vodafone interest AST SpaceMobile completes merger

LEO satellite venture combines with special purpose acquisition company to fuel expansion, with eyes on going commercial with a helping hand from Vodafone. “ASTS” trading on NASDAQ. CEO Avellan unfazed by competition from SpaceX and co.



Vodafone’s Icelandic affiliate divests Hey

Sýn sells minority stake in Faroese sister company. Icelandic operator seeking cost efficiencies (in more ways than one). Partner Market relationship remains active in service and tech development.


Products & Services

Vodafone Business gets industrious with IoT solution development

Enterprise division targets IoT solutions growth in 2025 plan. Ambition is to build €1bn end-to-end IoT solution portfolio in next five years. Düsseldorf playing key role in product ramp‑up. Mobile private networks are emerging growth opportunity.


Public Affairs

EC quietly drops Ziggo Sport probe

Antitrust investigation that sparked EC’s 2018 office raid closed down, with little revealed regarding what was behind it.