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  • BTw#352 Cover

    BTwatch Report #352 - February 2024


    Key stories include: Q3: no drama as Jansen exits | Kirkby enters the BT dugout | BT on the docket for class action | BT employs AI-assisted code | Openreach plays challenger in island duel

  • VFw#224 Cover

    Vodafonewatch Report #224 - February 2024


    Key stories include: Della Valle optimistic despite setbacks | e& CEO joins Vodafone boardroom | Germany braced for MDU impact | Vodafone shuts down Iliad advances | Vodacom cross 200 million customers

  • DTw#132 Cover

    Deutsche Telekomwatch Report #132 - February 2024


    Key stories include: DT nominates a BT rep for the times | MagentaTV revamped as TDE tools up | Fiber Factory under new management | Amdocs pick up Europe charging deals | Nokia gets in on US FWA action

  • TFw#180 Cover

    Telefónicawatch Report #180 - February 2024


    Key stories include: Álvarez-Pallete takes the stage in Davos | Liberty eyes NetCo-ServeCo split again | Vivo and Winity walk away from network-share deal | Spanish copper lines to remain in action until 2026 | Movistar calls for pause to Chile’s 5G auction

  • VFw#223 Cover

    Vodafonewatch Report #223 - January 2024


    Key stories include: Microsoft deal targets AI, IoT | Vodafone tops up SatCo funding | Asia-Pacific swaps for Partner Markets | Vodafone optimistic on MPNs, despite uptake | Safaricom scouts scaleups

  • DTw#131 Cover

    Deutsche Telekomwatch Report #131 - January 2024


    Key stories include: DT becomes a global brand superpower | New unit to provide API place | Group CIO bullish as MLOps platform drops | Google’s Maps tested for fibre planning | Six up for T-Mobile PL on fibre alliances

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