John McDonnell, UK Labour Party Shadow Chancellor, 21-25 September 2019 (Brighton)

Public Affairs

Labour promises nationalised free broadband for all — BTwatch’s first take

Considerable speculation and debate on the future of UK communications infrastructure and the sector was sparked by a new Labour Party policy. In its Manifesto for the upcoming UK General Election, Labour is committing to the nationalisation of major elements of BT Group that relate to the provision of ...



Strategy & Change

BT Group begins reinvention as national champion

Jansen strives to present operator as a national and customer champion, with ‘Beyond Limits’ the new rallying cry. Social- and digital-inclusion efforts accompanying home nation sports sponsorship to highlight community links. Signs of progress on Allera’s declared Consumer strategy with customer experience and partnership aspirations to the fore. Consumer ...

Gerry McQuade, Openreach, Belfast

Strategy & Change

BT Enterprise to play its part in Beyond Limits plans

Enterprise is edging customers towards its new portfolio of digital services as it declares its support for ‘UK PLC’. Upfront investment in upgrades for both fibre and Ethernet connections expected to create a smooth path for upselling. Security services to be weaved throughout the Enterprise portfolio in pursuit of ...


Innovation (R&D)

​BT Global trumpets updated Cyber SOC in Madrid

BT Global trumpeted its updated Cybersecurity Operations Centre (Cyber SOC) in Madrid, Spain during September 2019. 


Innovation (R&D)

​BT Group launches IoT‑based smart cycling trial at Adastral Park

BT Group launched an Internet of Things (IoT)‑based smart cycling trial at its Adastral Park technology campus in Ipswich, UK.