Group makes final push for New T‑Mobile summit

Strategy & Change

Deutsche Telekom Group makes final push for New T-Mobile summit

DT and TMUS emphasise continuity and aggression with leadership change, 5G acceleration, and extension of Un-Carrier initiatives to New T‑Mobile era. Legere to step down in May 2020, with WeWork posting a possibility.

John McDonnell, UK Labour Party Shadow Chancellor, 21-25 September 2019 (Brighton)

Public Affairs

Labour promises nationalised free broadband for all — BTwatch’s first take

Considerable speculation and debate on the future of UK communications infrastructure and the sector was sparked by a new Labour Party policy. In its Manifesto for the upcoming UK General Election, Labour is committing to the nationalisation of major elements of BT Group that relate to the provision of ...

Vodafone throws down OpenRAN gauntlet

Network & Infrastructure

Vodafone throws down OpenRAN gauntlet

OpenRAN time appears to be coming, with supplier choice constraints evidently dominating Group thinking. Vodafone steps up rhetoric regarding potential of tech; “fast tracking” referenced. Group still in trial mode with technology, however. Firm strategy for bearers and configurations yet to emerge.

TMUS teams with rivals to galvanise RCS

Partnerships & Alliances

T-Mobile US teams with rivals to galvanise RCS

Joint venture formed on cross-network messaging; app coming in 2020. Breakaway from Google mooted.

Huawei shadow lengthens on DT’s home turf

Public Affairs

Huawei shadow lengthens on Deutsche Telekom’s home turf

Chancellor under pressure to take harder line on Chinese supplier. TDE faces risk of shutting down “unsafe” network components. Hungary, UK indicate willingness to ignore US calls for Huawei clampdown.

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