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TelcoTitans.com is the online hub for telco stakeholders that provides a wealth of intelligence and insight into the major telco organisations, people, strategy and deals.

We are your eyes and ears inside BT, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone. Our intelligence is highly rated and trusted by tens of thousands of telco employees globally, who regularly tell us that our insight is what they rely on for the inside-track and far better than internal resources as we uncover stuff even they don't know about their own ogranisations.

Our telco insight is comprehensive (global and local), unvarnished (we’re avowedly independent) and accessible, giving the best and fullest picture on what’s really going on inside and around top telcos and their supply chain.

You cannot get our insight from Google or any other premium source. Our intelligence is built on deep, granular research and intelligence, objective human analysis, and unmatched subject knowledge. We find, distil, analyse, verify, and contextualise all the data in one place, so you don’t have to.

Who We Help

For over 20 years, our insight has been trusted by and relied upon by tens of thousands of telco employees and suppliers. We help them to maximise their understanding of the telco ecosystems within which they operate.

We receive consistently excellent user feedback, with our Net Promoter Score from users amongst the best in the world at 80+.

Account-based solutions

Your Gateway to Telcos.

TelcoTitans also offers unparalleled telco account-based marketing solutions that leverage our unrivalled direct channel and reach inside the telcos, with content-creation and marketing opportunities to help vested suppliers better reach and engage inside target telco audiences.

TelcoTitans acts as your mouthpiece to 'talk' to the telcos through our channels, enabling strategic suppliers to raise their visibility and brand awareness inside and across their most valued tier-1 telco accounts.

For more information on how you can reach your target audience inside the telcos, please visit www.commercial.telcotitans.com.

  • “More insightful and a better summary than what we see internally.” - Customer Experience Lead, BT

  • "Up to date info on Deutsche Telekom all in one place. No need to search somewhere else.” - Global Delivery Manager, T-Systems

  • "One place to find all of the relevant information you need.” - Strategic Client Director, Telefónica Business Solutions

  • "The information is excellent.” – Board Member, Vodafone Procurement Company

  • "Great, insightful updates that puts everything I need to know in one place." - Director, BT Group

  • "Great information that hasn't been shared internally.” - Director of Cyber Security Business, T-Mobile

  • "It´s a wonderful and complete one-stop shop to keep abreast of all the corporate information.” - Head of Communications, Telefónica Group

  • “Great collection of information on Vodafone. I could not keep up with it myself, nor would I get some of the information internally.” – Sales Lead, Vodafone

  • "BTwatch provides an extremely informative overview on the state of the business for BT." - Director, BT Security

  • "Consistently excellent 360 degree info on the Group. I often learn more than I hear internally!” - Cyber Security Specialist, T-Systems

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