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Rakuten Symphony: Open networks create a new game, with new security rules

Security must be embedded into the operator mindset as well as new cloud‑native network architecture, says Rakuten Symphony and O-RAN Alliance security lead Nagendra Bykampadi.


Rakuten Symphony keeps eyes on brownfield prize, sees FUD clearing

2023 is pivotal year for Rakuten’s telecom software spinout, now anchored on ‘Mobile as a Software’.


High-flying towers reach new development heights

Deutsche Telekom-backed Stratospheric Platforms gears up with BT trial and Series-B fund raising.


BT looks to the skies for rural coverage answers

Trials started with Stratospheric Platforms to beam 4G/5G connectivity in remote UK regions.

vfw214-tt-turkey satellite

Vodafone launches LEO satellite trials in Turkey

Turkish operator partners local SatCo to test 4G/5G satellite speeds.

btw341-tt-5g in a box

BT to take 5G ‘network in a box’ to market

Non‑public network broadcast solution to be commercialised in 2023 after twelve months of real‑world pilot deployments.

Exclusive Insight from REACH: The Telco Transformation Forum

McMillan, Teradata CEO

Why the best transformation programmes are built around purpose and people

Real-world CEO learnings and best practice from Colt’s Gilder and Teradata’s McMillan. Transformation must be based around purpose that resonates with employees.

Stephan Brobst, Teradata

Embrace the era of “never normal” — Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst

Telcos must learn from financial services peers and embrace disruption as a welcome driver of innovation. Resilient telcos that use data-driven insights to innovate will thrive, while brittle players that oppose disruption will atrophy.


5G-driven data analytics will help telcos evolve from utility to digital service provider

Telcos must be more than connection provider to seize “watershed moment” …they must employ platforms for value-added services that take them closer to customers.


5G will give B2B its 4G moment — Geldmacher at REACH forum

It’s time for telecom operators to get in front of enterprise CIOs and start working on joint initiatives. 5G will change B2B services to the same extent 4G revolutionised B2C.