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btw351-tt-spectrum policy

BT’s spectrum wish list: more frequencies, fewer fees, and care on sharing

BT’s spectrum policy lead lays out spectrum desires, including more bandwidth, with reworked licencing fees to better reflect need for network investment, and a nuanced approach to shared access…

dtw132-tt-nokia mag tmus

T-Mobile US taps Nokia to boost 5G fixed wireless play

Finnish vendor to provide its Multi-Access Gateway to improve FWA scalability and efficiency. (1)

Open RAN insider briefing: Wind River and allies beyond the tipping point

Presented at Fyuz23 in Madrid with key collaborators Intel and Dell, the systems provider’s ORAN and vRAN ‘Tipping Point’ workshop gives operators an insiders’ roadmap. Deployments at Verizon and Vodafone showcased as operational and commercial outriders. Read more…

ukiw-tt-mpns uk

UK MNOs remain optimistic on private networks, despite reduced rollouts

BT and Vodafone tell TelcoTitans that the UK’s private network market is getting stronger, despite Ofcom data showing 25% drop in deployments.

vfw222-tt-intel cirrus360

Vodafone backs “intelligent automation” for open RAN

Vodafone, Intel, and Cirrus360 reveal new approach to speed open RAN software and hardware integration.


O2 Germany pushes ahead with holo-comms VR bet; ‘targets’ 2026 debut

Actively pushing ahead” to support mixed reality within 5G environment. First holographic call made from HQ, but obstacles to overcome…