Latest Deutsche Telekom people moves: German sales rejig

1NCE co‑founder departs for Truphone. Former DT IoT CFO confirms his move to Telekom Deutschland. Renewed sales leadership in Germany. T‑Mobile MONEY lead exits for insurtech player.



Network & Infrastructure

Deutsche Telekom joins the 6G conversation

Operator shares vision for 6G and desire to shape the evolution. DT view: 6G will be sustainable, carbon-neutral, and human-centric. More 6G funds available as Germany invests €685m and EU allocates €900m.


Products & Services

Magenta Telekom stops offering CarConnect to new users

Austria becomes second market where offering is quietly retired. Unclear whether or not equivalent services in Czech Republic, Poland, and the USA face a similar fate.



Deutsche Telekom builds out Growth Equity leadership

Lance Matthews and Michael Rager ascend to MD, Growth Equity roles at Deutsche Telekom’s venturing arm.


Network & Infrastructure

Digging the UK fibre scene: competition hots up

Investment funds continue to flood fibre altnets, with emerging challengers collectively committing to passing more than 20 million homes in coming decade and many billions in investment promised.