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  • Openreach fine as is — Lowth
    Strategy & Change

    Openreach fine as is — Lowth


    BT CFO maintains Openreach contribution to the Group is undervalued, but that greater clarity and continued messaging on the progress of the fibre rollout could change perceptions. With all physical network assets tied to the BT pension and Openreach now effectively a services business, any attempt to bring in ...

  • Green sees ‘correction’ in TV sports rights prices
    Strategy & Change

    Green sees ‘correction’ in TV sports rights prices


    BT is attempting to turn down the heat on expectations for broadcast sport auctions in a market that has already seen signs of cooling.

  • Spending: capex surge still around the corner

    Spending: capex surge still around the corner


    Lockdown slows network rollout, but capex remains on track to ramp up from next year. Existing cost cutting to be coupled with pandemic-driven spending reviews for additional sustainable savings. New Huawei rules said not to add to BT’s swap-out burden.

  • btw315-tt-lancashire
    Strategy & Change

    BT to shut blighted Lancashire ICT business


    Scandal-hit venture that became the embodiment of BT’s troubled partnership approach to council contracts to finally fade away. Council insourcing set to leave a significant dent in BT’s public sector revenue stream.

  • btw#315-toolkit-sme-scheme
    Strategy & Change

    BT steps up SME defence as it awaits insolvency tsunami


    BT Enterprise’s Q1 FY20–21 performance shows a business briefly hollowed out, and anticipating further blows as it begins its recovery. Small Business Support Scheme is promoting ultrafast vouchers, bursaries and training in the hope of softening the impact of the pandemic recession. DCMS-backed scheme once again shows BT ready ...

  • btw314-10-kevin-bacon
    Strategy & Change

    Openet closes out charging win for EE


    Vendor’s footprint extended beyond BT Mobile. Deal not just about adding capability — cost savings side noticeably talked up and project sees meld of existing charging technology partners.

  • BTw#314-pizza-delivery
    Products & Services

    BT wants to be the Deliveroo of broadband


    Group gets “re-imaginative” and fancies that AI can help it drastically reduce the wait customers face for broadband services. Exec admits current lag for broadband set up is “unacceptable”.

  • btw313-24-transformation-oak

    BT FY19–20: Looking on the bright side with new transformation plan


    A new five-year plan, building on the transformation programme introduced in May 2018 was heralded by the Group.

  • Iberian Peninsula at Night
    Strategy & Change

    BT begins new chapter in Spain


    Rosa Ronda to head trimmed-down Spanish unit. Portobello Capital creates new company called Evolutio from former BT assets.

  • btw311-p13-ups-and-downs
    Strategy & Change

    The ups and downs of being a good sport


    BT Sport hit with negative publicity amid tardy coronavirus response. Season’s televised football up in the air. 

  • btw310-02-virgin-fibre
    Strategy & Change

    Openreach rivals in expansive mood


    Liberty Global reignites M&A talk around Virgin Media. CityFibre CEO in bullish mood after being freed from Vodafone shackles. Sky reportedly keen on full-fibre infrastructure investment.

  • btw310-xx-wv-moodys
    Strategy & Change

    Moody’s negative outlook on BT borrowing


    Moody’s reviewed its principal debt rating for BT Group in February 2020, and affirmed the headline Baa2 rating for the operator. However, the accompanying outlook for BT credit was downgraded from “neutral” to “negative”.

  • btw310-xx-wv-everything-everywhere
    Strategy & Change

    Everything Everywhere, over and out


    Everything Everywhere Limited, the original entity behind the Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom merged mobile venture that became EE, was finally dissolved through a voluntary strike-off action

  • btw#308-contract-13

    BT signs contracts with SAP


    BT is following through with transformation commitments and a significant contract with SAP was unveiled, intended to support an overhaul of the finance department and BT’s approach to human resources.

  • Gerry McQuade, Openreach, Belfast

    BT Enterprise to play its part in Beyond Limits plans


    Enterprise is edging customers towards its new portfolio of digital services as it declares its support for ‘UK PLC’. Upfront investment in upgrades for both fibre and Ethernet connections expected to create a smooth path for upselling. Security services to be weaved throughout the Enterprise portfolio in pursuit of ...

  • btw307-02-05-allera

    BT Consumer strategy feeds into Beyond Limits goals


    Consumer division to spearhead BT’s refreshed higher profile through customer experience development and partnership focus in line with 2018 strategy. Superfast services become default, with free upgrades pushed to 700,000 FTTC holdouts. New products on the horizon, but details remain vague, and TV refresh pushed into 2020. Social projects ...

  • btw307-01-01-beyond-limits-launch

    BT Group begins reinvention as national champion


    Jansen strives to present operator as a national and customer champion, with ‘Beyond Limits’ the new rallying cry. Social- and digital-inclusion efforts accompanying home nation sports sponsorship to highlight community links. Signs of progress on Allera’s declared Consumer strategy with customer experience and partnership aspirations to the fore. Consumer ...

  • btw306-05-03-03 Simple vase

    BT Group’s change of culture and strive for simplification


    One theme of BT Technology’s 2019 Business Briefing event was the importance of cultural changes within BT’s IT department. The need to foster an environment more widely across the division and Group that will enable a digital transformation, driven by simplification and automation, was seen as an essential goal. ...

  • fon fabian-stroobants-cDn0awnE5do-unsplash

    BT Group hangs up on Fon?


    BT Group’s shared Wi-Fi access partner Fon Wireless looks to have been subject to a management buyout. BT is believed to have held a stake in the wireless technology developer, but appears to have now cut ties.

  • train bits tim-johnson-MlpVwIvHyGM-unsplash

    BT Group’s core infrastructure: when two become one


    BT’s infrastructure engine room is also driving the direction of Group digital transformation with IT overhaul.