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    Please Call Me inventor resolute against Vodacom appeal


    Nkosana Makate will pursue compensation “until the end of the road” after Vodacom lodged a formal appeal against High Court rulings. Vodacom offers millions to Makate, who claims billions are owed.

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    OneWeb cancels satellite launches on Russian rockets


    Fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hits satellite comms operator. Decision could delay service launch and have knock-on effect on distribution partner BT’s rural coverage vision.

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    Tearful DT tech boss urges sector to “be human”


    Claudia Nemat calls for industry to step up on sustainability and human-centred tech development, amid wave of global crises. DT adapts MWC presence in light of Ukrainian situation. “Intensive discussions” took place over event withdrawal. Robbie Williams demo cancelled.

  • vfw204-tt-ukraine-response
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    Vodafone sends Instant Networks to Ukraine border


    Vodafone Foundation starts setting up portable base stations to support refugees in Hungary and donates humanitarian aid. OpCos offer free calls and texts to Ukraine and free roaming for customers remaining in Ukraine. Partner Markets span both sides of the conflict.

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    Telco inflation playbook: raise prices, cut costs, embrace digitalisation


    Tough times ahead for telco customers, employees, and suppliers, as inflation drives price hikes, capex and opex control, and ongoing workforce reductions. Inflation-linked contracts to boost service revenue and outpace rising costs. Digital transformation efforts seen as key to cost savings.

  • UK’s Ofcom acknowledges telco’s Big Tech quandary
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    UK’s Ofcom acknowledges telco’s Big Tech quandary


    Regulator sees potential for hyperscalers to support more flexible mobile infrastructure. But it also identifies competition on service delivery as an opportunity and threat to traditional players. Limits on spectrum availability also putting the squeeze on operators as data demand keeps surging. CMA considering two decisions on competition that ...

  • dtw112-tt-funds-siezed
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    Swiss court orders DT to seize $12.7m in assets


    Ruling says funds due to Airport Authority of India. Convoluted case sees Deutsche Telekom caught in the crossfire as a result of minority stake in Devas Multimedia. Long-running legal disputes date back 17 years.

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    Viasat’s Inmarsat takeover hits political debris


    US satellite operator’s planned acquisition of UK rival (and Deutsche Telekom partner) prompts national security concerns as critical infrastructure given state protection. New foreign takeover law affords Whitehall power to intervene, which looks increasingly likely.

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    EU operator heavyweights want media players to pay their way


    Top brass at Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, and Vodafone get shirty (again) over network investment “burden”. Sign off on open letter accusing video streaming, gaming, and social media groups of ‘piggybacking’ unfairly. Urgently call on European legislators to introduce rules for a “more proportionate” way of divvying up ...

  • VodafoneZiggo Hoofdkantoor Utrecht
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    VodafoneZiggo suspends employee over transgressive behaviour


    Dutch JV “shocked” by revelations. Investigation launched amid multiple reports of unacceptable behaviour.

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    Alierta era scandal still haunting Telefónica


    Telefónica pays €6m into court to cover potential civil liabilities linked to trial of disgraced former advisor Rodrigo Rato. Newspaper speculation portrays Rato’s co-defendant, former Telefónica counsel Sánchez de Lerín, as “the man with the briefcase of secrets” linked to the telco. Rato litigation an ongoing hangover from earlier ...

  • M-PESA cleared for Ethiopian launch
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    M-PESA cleared for Ethiopian launch


    State Minister of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Finance anticipates wider Safaricom launch “sometime in April”. M-PESA app will be introduced to a new market of 116 million people. Question marks remain regarding third telecoms licence in the country.

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    OTE handed €9m fine for data protection failings


    Greek operator deemed to have infringed on GDPR law in 2020 data leak. Fines handed to Cosmote mobile operator and OTE Group parent.

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    Safaricom staff caught in police “trap” after data fraud


    Court hearing details how two Safaricom employees were caught attempting to sell subscriber data. Operator commits to fraud reduction initiatives.

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    Telefónica handed EC fine for Brazilian non-compete deal


    Decade-long proceedings close with Telefónica — along with Pharol — ordered to hand over €79m for antitrust breach. European Commission findings upheld despite yo-yoing, with final charge held for Telefónica and down slightly for Pharol.

  • Cellnex offers CMA deal to secure Hutchison UK tower merger
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    Cellnex offers CMA deal to secure Hutchison UK tower merger


    Spanish InfraCo willing to sell enough sites from its existing estate to enable a new UK tower player to emerge, and overcome CMA concerns on competition linked to its planned CKH infrastructure acquisition. Four companies have already stepped forward as potential buyers. CTIL objects to being positioned as a ...

  • DCMS told to get a grip on Project Gigabit
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    DCMS told to get a grip on Project Gigabit


    “Disappointed” accounts committee frustrated by lack of measurable progress and clear plans for reaching 2025 target of 85% ultrafast coverage. Department blasted for lack of meaningful legislation on removal of barriers to deployment. DCMS still seeking clarity from operators on national rollout plans.

  • tfw161-tt-o2-uk-ofcom
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    Ofcom details O2 UK ‘carelessness’ in billing investigation


    Regulator publishes 74-page document highlighting the extent of O2 UK feet-dragging in its investigation as to why the operator overcharged customers during a seven-year period. Demands O2 UK review its processes and systems to ensure accuracy and completeness of responses to information requests in future. Restates view that £150,000 ...

  • Vodacom, MTN pick sides in South African auction saga
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    Vodacom, MTN pick sides in South African auction saga


    Operators unite with South African regulator as rival Telkom requests further delays. Any success for Telkom would represent a sixth postponement of the auction, currently set to take place by the end of March.

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    Álvarez-Pallete warns of dangers of “digital slavery”


    Telefónica Executive Chairman asserts that societal imbalance and data exploitation are risks that must be addressed as the world’s economies are digitised. Dire warnings of ‘slavery’ fit with Group commitments on creation of a digital rights framework that would see operators positioned as trusted partners.