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    Groves comes up inside track to lead VM O2 marketing


    Former Tesco Mobile CMO to lead on VM O2 brand and marketing as two prime candidates depart. Veteran Groves set to push for a more holistic approach to customer experience across the merged business.

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    Telefónica people moves: rivals join O2 Germany


    O2 Germany draws in talent from rivals Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. Infra adds partnerships lead with M&A know-how. VM–O2 firms up networks and technology leadership. Martinez takes Di Meo’s old CIO spot at Movistar Argentina.

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    Telefónica people moves: Group appoints Climate Change boss


    Sustainability a priority with new Chief of Climate Change post. Changes in Germany include a CEO swap at Omnichannel unit and exit of CISO Hollander. Provisional approval for the VM-O2 merger sees a swathe of proactive appointments — but no room for a handful of O2 UK stalwarts.

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    Telefónica, Liberty lay out leadership for merged VM-O2


    Telefónica and Virgin Media execs share the spoils 50:50 at the new venture, which is still pending regulatory approval. Jo Bertram and Gareth Turpin among the O2 names to get a seat, with Telefónica Argentina’s de Meo brought in as CIO. No room for O2’s HR guru Catherine Leaver, ...

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    Álvarez-Pallete hails Spanish leadership in digital revolution


    Telefónica Executive Chairman says Spain is in a “leadership position” in digitisation, but requires a new “framework” to take full advantage. Data underlined as paramount, with a ‘social contract’ needed to ensure privacy and fair valuation.

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    Telefónica people moves: senior strategic appointments at Hispam


    Ancelovici and Caballero named Directors at Telefónica Hispam to lead business intelligence and development at the regional division. Competition policy head named at Group level. A new R&D CFO in Chile.

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    Schüler coronated as VM-O2 CEO


    Lutz Schüler, dynamic Virgin Media chief, with a track record at O2 Germany, is to lead the new VM-O2 joint venture, subject to competition clearance. O2 CFO and experienced merger overseer Patricia Cobian to take on the JV finance role. No room for O2 CEO Mark Evans.

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    Telefónica people moves: Cybersecurity & Cloud “almost complete”


    Telefónica Tech’s Cybersecurity & Cloud carve-out nearing finalisation. Former CIO Phil Jordan drops TalkTalk board seat. Alastria legal chief joins Telefónica. Álvarez-Pallete adds backing to initiative.

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    Public Affairs

    Telefónica sacks security execs in fraud probe: reports


    ElevenPaths’ partner relationships under scrutiny as Group looks into dealings within managed security services unit. Report ties investigation with Govertis takeover in 2020, and senior executive reshuffle flagged in February.

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    Telefónica people moves: Cybersecurity & Cloud CIO named


    Flavio Reis takes CIO job at Telefónica Tech’s Cybersecurity & Cloud unit, with ElevenPaths’ Sarwat also joining the ranks. Brendan O’Reilly gets replaced by Telefónica Mexico CTIO on the Cornerstone board, suggesting a new O2 UK CTIO may be in the works. Burzako fills in Oslé’s Movistar+ vacancy in ...

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    O2 looks to Mexico for access network leadership


    Telefónica Mexico CTIO has replaced O2’s exiting Brendan O’Reilly on CTIL board and is taking a broader network leadership role in the UK. Successfully piloting Movistar Mexico’s customer migration to the AT&T access network means incoming Calvo may be able to offer valuable support as Virgin Media/O2 tie-up draws ...

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    Telefónica moves: Oslé named Spain CEO; Almazor heads up Cloud


    Newly-formed Unsere Grüne Glasfaser FTTH joint venture names a handful of team members ahead of anticipated approval. Movistar CEO rotates to lead Telefónica Tech’s Cloud unit, while Sergio Oslé takes the Spain spot. New strategic planning lead at Group-level.

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    Telefónica people moves: Garcia ascends to TIP directors board


    Juan Carlos Garcia becomes the face of Telefónica’s collaborative innovation endeavour by succeeding David del Val at 5TONIC and Telecom Infra Project. Michael Falkensteiner takes on German brand leadership. Another former O2 exec joins Deutsche Glasfaser management.

  • Telefónica Global Solutions looks to trim headcount
    Strategy & Change

    Telefónica Global Solutions looks to trim headcount


    Recently bundled wholesale services unit will offer incentivised early retirement to its over-53s, as part of ongoing contract suspension scheme.

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    Strategy & Change

    Álvarez-Pallete gets political as challenges grow


    Quiet support for a boardroom coup at Prisa indicates Telefónica’s political muscles as business priorities coincide with larger social challenges. Telefónica supporting government recovery goals, but lobbying for a more favourable investment environment as 5G auction looms. Group emphasising its Europe role as Latin America retreat sees grumbling.

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    Serrahima on the up as Telefónica targets multi brand


    As Telefónica aims to make customer experience a key differentiator in its domestic market, Pedro Serrahima, the executive behind O2’s Spanish launch takes charge of the drive. Marisa Urquía also promoted to oversee transformation projects as Executive Chairman Gayo slims down the executive committee.

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    Telefónica people moves: Goncharov, Mesloh to lead German sales


    Alpha moonshot unit completes transition as CEO Williams begins new venture. Newly established internal-external venture unit Wayra Builder gets a head. Goncharov appointed to lead O2 Germany’s enterprise unit.

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    CTO O’Reilly exits O2


    Brendan O’Reilly appointed Global CTO at infrastructure provider BAI Communications, leaving a gap at the top of O2 UK ahead of its impending Virgin Media merger. BAI hoping to tap O’Reilly’s 5G and network sharing expertise.

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    Telefónica people moves: global Tech changes


    Recently-established Telefónica Tech subsidiaries bed in across regional outposts. Well-travelled strategy exec lands at O2 UK.

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    Telefónica people moves: leaders emerge at re-jigged Telefónica Tech


    Telefónica Tech re-organisation brings new names to light. Fibre leadership changes in South American businesses. Former O2 Germany CEO Dirks takes top-spot at rival to Telefonica’s new InfraCo.