• Buendía Estudios elects Gayo Chair, with equal representation from Telefónica and co-parent Atresmedia.
  • Telefónica influence through Movistar’s Oslé, Movistar Plus+’s Burzako, and HQ’s Navarro.

Telefónica-backed content studio renews board

Telefónica-backed content studio renews board

Source: Telefónica

Buendía Estudios, Telefónica’s Spanish-language content joint venture with Atresmedia, inaugurated a new Board of Directors.

The changes saw two additional seats added to the board, with equal representation from the two co-parents retained. Telefónica España President Emilio Gayo was elected Chair.

From Movistar Plus+, President Sergio Oslé and Chief Executive Cristina Burzako were appointed, alongside Telefónica Group’s Director of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Eduardo Navarro. The four represent some of Telefónica’s big hitters, with two of the four — Gayo and Navarro — also sitting on the Group’s Executive Committee.

Board members from Planeta-controlled Atresmedia are CEO Silvio González, Atresmedia TV General Manager Javier Bardají, Chief Financial Officer Fernando Costi, and Deputy Director of Content José Antonio Antón. González was named Vice-Chair.

Ángeles López Lobatón was appointed General Secretary of Buendía Estudios. López is Director of Legal Counsel at Telefónica Audiovisual Digital, the content production and management subsidiary that oversees Movistar Plus+.

Spanish-language content has been a point of interest for Telefónica in the past year, with Movistar Plus+ a particular proponent under both Burzako’s current leadership and that of her predecessor, Oslé, who described the Spanish-speaking TV content market as a logical target for expansion.