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  • btw329-tt-jansen-battle-ready
    Strategy & Change

    Jansen battle-ready as competition grows on two fronts


    BT CEO returns to pre-pandemic promises of a more robust defence of BT’s market position, on price if necessary. Speculation on heightened wholesale competition comes as Openreach Equinox fibre pricing looks set to reinforce the Group’s strong position. Retail threats may be more pressing for the incumbent as Sky ...

  • btw325-people-sultn-mahmud

    BT people moves: new Director of Healthcare to lead NHS drive


    Sultan Mahmud brought in to lead on NHS partnership and estate digitalisation, drawing on experience as innovation guru in NHS Trusts. Strategy & Transformation team appointments at Consumer. Ex-Vodafone exec appointed Group Treasury Director.

  • btw-tt-future-flight-drone-consortium
    Partnerships & Alliances

    BT to head trials at Reading’s Arrow Drone Zone


    Group targeting commercialisation of drone flights using country’s “first commercial drone corridor”. Funding delivered through four-year government initiative, but securing safety assurances for BVLOS flights first port of call. Potential benefits to healthcare vertical highlighted.

  • btw317-20-group-b2b-costs

    BT Enterprise dials down on B2B costs


    BT Enterprise flags more cost-cutting measures are being implemented as COVID-19 disruption adds to the broader challenges it faces in the digital era. As ever, partner and supplier consolidation and change is part of the plan. CEO Jansen presents enterprise 5G as bright spot amid gloom.

  • BT takes charge of 5G factory floor

    BT takes charge of 5G factory floor


    BT collaborates with Worcestershire 5G (W5G) testbed and Ericsson to install ‘live’ 5G factory. Runs and manages private 5G network for Worcester Bosch. Takes technology lead at W5G to accelerate UK adoption of smart-manufacturing.

  • Q1 FY20–21: Jansen rallies troops for collective effort

    BT Group Q1 FY20–21


    First full COVID-19 quarter sees a sharp decline in revenue and EBITDA. Outflow of cash as network investment continues. Group CEO Jansen claims mists are clearing, enabling Group to issue guidance for the year — although BT anticipates little improvement until 2021. Openreach progress is the main positive for ...

  • btw315-people-tt-lees

    BT people moves: leadership switch and a new lead for Scotland at Enterprise


    Shuter gets lined up for a BT Enterprise takeover after outgoing McQuade takes his leave.

  • btw#315-toolkit-sme-scheme
    Strategy & Change

    BT steps up SME defence as it awaits insolvency tsunami


    BT Enterprise’s Q1 FY20–21 performance shows a business briefly hollowed out, and anticipating further blows as it begins its recovery. Small Business Support Scheme is promoting ultrafast vouchers, bursaries and training in the hope of softening the impact of the pandemic recession. DCMS-backed scheme once again shows BT ready ...

  • btw#315-rob-shuter

    Veteran Vodafone fixer to take over at BT Enterprise


    Gerry McQuade to retire from BT as Enterprise moves beyond integrating its diverse operations and looks to accelerate the shift from legacy services to new digital offerings. MTN’s Shuter to join in 2021, bringing a reputation for delivering growth and stability from a time of crisis.

  • Gerry McQuade, Openreach, Belfast

    BT Enterprise to play its part in Beyond Limits plans


    Enterprise is edging customers towards its new portfolio of digital services as it declares its support for ‘UK PLC’. Upfront investment in upgrades for both fibre and Ethernet connections expected to create a smooth path for upselling. Security services to be weaved throughout the Enterprise portfolio in pursuit of ...