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Telefónica Argentina deploys Mavenir firewall

Mavenir continues to build up its Telefónica relationship with a deal to protect signalling infrastructure in Argentina.

  • Telefónica boosts open RAN cred with Altiostar investment

    Telefónica boosts open RAN cred with Altiostar investment

    Telefónica putting money where mouth is on commitment to fostering an open, multi‑vendor environment. TIP‑based collaboration translates to commercial opportunities for Altiostar.

  • O2 Germany picks Infinera for 5G open transport

    O2 Germany picks Infinera for 5G open transport

    Infinera, a long‑term Telefónica partner, picked up a new contract to upgrade Telefónica’s mobile transport network in Germany.

  • NTT and Telefónica herald TIP disaggregation progress

    NTT and Telefónica herald TIP disaggregation progress

    Telefónica Group and Japanese peer NTT DoCoMo highlighted the successful conclusion of testing of open transmission and forwarding technologies undertaken as part of the partners research linked to the Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

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    BT, TIP and Facebook launch third annual startup competition

    BT Group, the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), and Facebook launched their third annual competition for startups in telecom infrastructure to join the UK’s TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centre (TEAC), based at BT Labs in Adastral Park, Suffolk and Tech City in London.

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    Vodafone among UK companies accusing Facebook and Google of “crush or kill” tactics

    Vodafone was reportedly among several big‑name UK‑based companies lashing out at what they saw as aggressive “crush or kill” tactics deployed by Facebook and Google to stifle internet competition.

  • Vodafone throws down OpenRAN gauntlet

    Vodafone throws down OpenRAN gauntlet

    OpenRAN time appears to be coming, with supplier choice constraints evidently dominating Group thinking. Vodafone steps up rhetoric regarding potential of tech; “fast tracking” referenced. Group still in trial mode with technology, however. Firm strategy for bearers and configurations yet to emerge.

  • Page 15, People USA golden gate bridge patrick-tomasso-tN7fJdTaU40-unsplash

    T-Mobile US People Moves, October 2019

    Latest people movements include: Steve Dossick, Kazuho Ozawa, Mark Rabuano, Giles Richardson, Victoria Spaulding-Burford, Matthew Wong.

  • Mobile banking, Maharashtra

    Vodafone Group gave its backing to Libra, Facebook’s planned new digital currency

    Vodafone gave its backing to Libra, a new digital currency planned by Facebook. Apart from France-based Iliad Group, Vodafone is the only network operator among the initial 28 members of the Libra Association. Others in the Association include eBay, Lyft, Mastercard, PayPal, Spotify, and Uber. Each member must pay ...

  • Rob Visser, CIO at Italian operator Wind Tre, discussing the importance of reskilling employees

    Digital transformation (DTW19): culture change, reskilling crucial

    Reskilling employees fundamental to Wind Tre’s digital transformation strategy. Cultural and organisational change critical for digital transformation to be adopted at scale and to succeed. Operators must change their corporate identity to attract vital new talent. Wind Tre CIO sceptical of vendor marketing of new technologies.

  • José Ramón Gómez Utrilla discussing Telefónica's AURA strategy

    Telefónica ramps up AURA

    Telefónica provided insights into its AURA strategy, including more market launches. Microsoft’s position as a partner remains a core element of the project. Commitment reiterated to overcoming the challenge of combining local services with a central unified vision.

  • Facebook conceptual phone

    Facebook recruiting Euro telco SPAM

    Facebook underlined its increasingly multi-faceted relationship with Deutsche Telekom (DT) by advertising for a Strategic Partner Account Manager, focused on fashioning ties with the Group and other European telcos

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