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  • tfw163-tt-spain_reorg

    Telefónica tightens management focus for Spanish platform play


    Previously heralded Industry Verticals unit now up and running as Telefónica implements a more ambitious multi-play strategy. Growing Wholesale business receives dedicated leadership, while regional management will take greater role in supporting B2B sector. Brand manager Serrahima given broader remit to improve customer experience in all sectors.

  • tfw#163-fusion

    Telefónica has a change of plan on convergence


    Fusión brand set to be replaced after a decade as totem for Group’s convergence strategy. Move comes with convergent ARPU and acquisition in stall. New service to draw on Group’s prolific recent recruitment of partners such as Microsoft, Prosegur, and Teladoc.

  • tfw163-tt-gayo and gonzalez

    Telefónica-backed content studio renews board


    Buendía Estudios elects Gayo Chair, with equal representation from Telefónica and co-parent Atresmedia. Telefónica influence through Movistar’s Oslé, Movistar Plus+’s Burzako, and HQ’s Navarro.

  • tfw162-tt-movistarplus
    Content & TV

    Movistar Plus+ lays out international content distribution strategy


    Movistar Plus+ Internacional division established to drive original, Spanish-language productions in overseas markets. Buendía Estudios and Sony executive Valenzuela installed to lead the unit. Content partnerships prioritised, with distribution brought closer in-house.

  • tfw156-tt-movistar-aggregator
    Products & Services

    Movistar+ sets stage for aggregator play in Spain


    New CEO Cristina Burzako restructures and refocuses strategy. Focus tightening on partnerships and customer experience, but original content and exclusive sport remain important differentiators. Amidst Movistar+ revamp, Telefónica faces big decisions and bigger bills for content rights.

  • tfw152-people-reis

    Telefónica people moves: Cybersecurity & Cloud CIO named


    Flavio Reis takes CIO job at Telefónica Tech’s Cybersecurity & Cloud unit, with ElevenPaths’ Sarwat also joining the ranks. Brendan O’Reilly gets replaced by Telefónica Mexico CTIO on the Cornerstone board, suggesting a new O2 UK CTIO may be in the works. Burzako fills in Oslé’s Movistar+ vacancy in ...