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  • tfw176-tt-people-roundup

    Telefónica people moves: new CFO in for Tech UK&I


    Tech shuffles responsibilities of top management in major reorg, and appoints Jamie Wark as new finance chief for UK&I. Meanwhile, new Programme Delivery Directors for the southern UK and nexfibre JV recruited.

  • iw-tt-people-roundup

    Digital infra people moves: Exa, ITP hit refresh button on board leaders


    Ex-Vodafone CEO Nick Read joins Exa Infrastructure as Chair, while Vorboss chief Tim Creswick takes same role at ITP.

  • tfw152-people-reis

    Telefónica people moves: Cybersecurity & Cloud CIO named


    Flavio Reis takes CIO job at Telefónica Tech’s Cybersecurity & Cloud unit, with ElevenPaths’ Sarwat also joining the ranks. Brendan O’Reilly gets replaced by Telefónica Mexico CTIO on the Cornerstone board, suggesting a new O2 UK CTIO may be in the works. Burzako fills in Oslé’s Movistar+ vacancy in ...

  • tfw152-tt-o2-cto

    O2 looks to Mexico for access network leadership


    Telefónica Mexico CTIO has replaced O2’s exiting Brendan O’Reilly on CTIL board and is taking a broader network leadership role in the UK. Successfully piloting Movistar Mexico’s customer migration to the AT&T access network means incoming Calvo may be able to offer valuable support as Virgin Media/O2 tie-up draws ...

  • tfw150-people-goncharov

    Telefónica people moves: Goncharov, Mesloh to lead German sales


    Alpha moonshot unit completes transition as CEO Williams begins new venture. Newly established internal-external venture unit Wayra Builder gets a head. Goncharov appointed to lead O2 Germany’s enterprise unit.

  • tfw150-tt-brendan-oreilly

    CTO O’Reilly exits O2


    Brendan O’Reilly appointed Global CTO at infrastructure provider BAI Communications, leaving a gap at the top of O2 UK ahead of its impending Virgin Media merger. BAI hoping to tap O’Reilly’s 5G and network sharing expertise.

  • tfw#144-o2-ice-cream
    Network & Infrastructure

    O2 gives 4G a pre-tie-up top-up


    UK operating business seeks to bolster “national champion” pitch ahead of Virgin Media merger. Focus is on eliminating 4G ‘not-spots’ and boosting 4G and 5G coverage at tourist attractions.

  • tfw144-tt-o2-uk-cav-zenzic
    Innovation (R&D)

    O2 joins call for UK to step up self-driving tests


    O2 UK, Cisco, and partners recommended a UK cyber test facility for connected and autonomous vehicles, complete with allocated spectrum and a core and fibre backbone.