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  • btw325-tt-bt-q4-fy-results

    Destination: new BT; ETA 2026


    Jansen again evangelising glorious digital future: five-year timescale reiterated, with promises of peak fibre investment passing and financial nirvana arriving. Stability predicted for FY21–22. Investors more interested in gruel on today’s menu rather than jam promised tomorrow. The court of public opinion may ultimately rule on five-year tax dodge. ...

  • btw321-tt-bt-results-simon-lowth

    BT Q3 FY20–21 results: gone today, (hopefully) here tomorrow


    Nobody obviously interested in Q3, but shares down sharply. Calendar of optimism around pandemic bounce back and fresh starts. Jansen despairingly concedes transformation will take at least five years. BT doing best to railroad Ofcom on fibre-critical WFTMR.

  • btw321-tt-rob-shuter

    BT’s Jansen set to add Sharp Shuter to evolving dream team


    BT Enterprise successor Rob Shuter to land at the start of February. Shuter and Chief Digital & Innovation Officer Harmeen Mehta fill out Jansen’s A-Team, leading “furious” pursuit of transformation goals. New hires complement other Group rising stars, adding gusto to the Jansen manifesto.

  • btw317-20-group-b2b-costs

    BT Enterprise dials down on B2B costs


    BT Enterprise flags more cost-cutting measures are being implemented as COVID-19 disruption adds to the broader challenges it faces in the digital era. As ever, partner and supplier consolidation and change is part of the plan. CEO Jansen presents enterprise 5G as bright spot amid gloom.

  • btw318-tt-jansen-openreach-stake
    Strategy & Change

    Jansen floats potential for Openreach stake sale


    “Open-minded” Jansen may see an Openreach stake sale as a way to relieve pressure on investor demands for a quicker transformation. While CEO’s tone more positive on an asset sale, the challenges of extricating elements of the Group for a sell-off may limit options.

  • Q2 FY20–21: Jansen requests patience for transformation

    BT Group Q2 FY20–21


    Revenue and profit keep falling in pandemic. COVID-19 creates noise and uncertainty, but BT is pushing its transformation story, asking for patience as stakeholders get twitchy. Openreach a lone bright spot, although Global may be benefitting from long-term recovery strategy. An improved earnings forecast at BT is not expected ...

  • Spend: opex coming down, capex still building to peak

    BT spend: opex coming down, capex still building to peak


    Simplified systems are bringing efficiency but lower trading giving an unwanted helping hand. Capex rising, but a sharp decline is anticipated with copper switch-off.

  • btw317-3-ebitda-recovery

    BT guidance: EBITDA recovery on horizon, sales rise fainter


    Two more years of revenue decline ahead, but EBITDA improving and underpinning investment plans.

  • btw317-tt-mbnl-lowth-tower-monetisation
    Network & Infrastructure

    Lowth downplays tower monetisation benefits


    BT is continuing to buck the trend of creating TowerCos as it continues to value control over infrastructure assets.

  • BT ends inflation‑only price hikes to fund fibre
    Consumer (B2C)

    BT ends inflation-only price hikes to fund fibre


    CPI + 3.9% set as new price rise formula across BT’s consumer products. Covering increased infrastructure investment is the party line, but move is an awkward reversal of recent commitment to inflation-only increases. Liberty Global’s CEO Fries describes the switch as a “whoops” moment for the rival to his ...

  • Openreach fine as is — Lowth
    Strategy & Change

    Openreach fine as is — Lowth


    BT CFO maintains Openreach contribution to the Group is undervalued, but that greater clarity and continued messaging on the progress of the fibre rollout could change perceptions. With all physical network assets tied to the BT pension and Openreach now effectively a services business, any attempt to bring in ...

  • btw316-tt-talktalk-openreach
    Public Affairs

    TalkTalk takes pot shot at Openreach FTTP pricing


    CEO calls for longer-term, discounted full-fibre wholesale deals. Harrison claims BT’s alleged fears of breaching UK competition rules is “red herring”, while incumbent maintains it needs to appease all stakeholders.

  • Q1 FY20–21: Jansen rallies troops for collective effort

    BT Group Q1 FY20–21


    First full COVID-19 quarter sees a sharp decline in revenue and EBITDA. Outflow of cash as network investment continues. Group CEO Jansen claims mists are clearing, enabling Group to issue guidance for the year — although BT anticipates little improvement until 2021. Openreach progress is the main positive for ...

  • btw#315-toolkit-sme-scheme
    Strategy & Change

    BT steps up SME defence as it awaits insolvency tsunami


    BT Enterprise’s Q1 FY20–21 performance shows a business briefly hollowed out, and anticipating further blows as it begins its recovery. Small Business Support Scheme is promoting ultrafast vouchers, bursaries and training in the hope of softening the impact of the pandemic recession. DCMS-backed scheme once again shows BT ready ...

  • btw#314-shopping-trolley
    Suppliers & SCM

    Digital Procurement Garage: BT gets new canary for supply chain risks


    Macro risk consultancy PRISM joins BT’s fledgling Digital Procurement Garage. Another symbol of how global trade tensions and COVID-19 have given telcos major supply chain resilience jitters. First non-UK member.

  • btw313-1-o2-banking

    BT FY19–20: Jansen leading through the gloom


    Managed services revenue slumps at Global, while mobile fails to prove itself a panacea across corporate divisions. Guidance for the year largely achieved, but post-COVID-19 uncertainty prompts Group to hold off on future forecasts. Transformation ambitions uprated on internal IT overhaul and redoubled commitment to invest in next-generation networks, ...

  • btw313-tt-q4-fy1920-results-first-take-b

    BT Q4/FY19–20 results first-take: Fixed and 5G leadership at all cost


    Refusing to relinquish fixed-line or mobile leadership; not alarmed by O2-Virgin Media combination. Q4 and FY19–20 performance largely ignored (was on track). Cautiously positive on weathering COVID-19 crisis, but great uncertainty. Capex rising to fund uprated fibre ambition and Technology-led transformation — carts before horses? Yet more cost-cutting (or ...

  • Btw311-wv-18-bt-senior-leadership

    BT reviews senior leadership pay


    A change in remuneration policy currently under review, potentially restricting pension allowances.

  • Btw309-01-wv-lowth

    Simon Lowth buys 425,000 BT shares


    BT CFO Simon Lowth and Mary Lowth purchased shares in BT Group to bring his total shareholding to 165% of salary.

  • BT's H1 FY19–20: Jansen warns this might sting a little…

    BT’s H1 FY19–20: Jansen warns this might sting a little…


    In-line performance, and commitments to keep building transformational momentum, but medicine may have short-term side effects. Fibre acceleration revving up, but uncertainty, both political and regulatory, acting as a brake. Lowth committed to prudence, but open to upping investment. Consumer getting more combative, Enterprise hoping to ride the waves ...