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  • vfw204-people-generic

    Vodafone people moves: eyes on public sector in enterprise swaps


    New enterprise segment leads in Italy, Spain, the UK, and others, with public sector account growth among the primary targets. Scott Petty adds Vodafone weight to TM Forum initiative. Governance and regulatory spots filled across the operator’s footprint. Group loses quintet of IoT developers to rival BT as health‑tech ...

  • vfw204-tt-exec-germany
    Strategy & Change

    Vodafone Germany strategic shift forces exec changes


    Dimitrova handed Strategy & Transformation remit, with Velthuis brought in to lead Finance. Exiting CTO Mack will not be replaced as OpCo mirrors Group’s split‑structure TechCo vision. CEO Ametsreiter seeks transformation focus with fresh‑faced executive team.

  • vfw199-tt-vodafone-lenovo
    Suppliers & SCM

    VPC’s Wilson praises Lenovo for help in pandemic crisis


    Ninian Wilson impressed by Lenovo’s ability to meet “huge demand” for laptops when Vodafone call‑centre operatives needed to work from home during lockdown. Extends existing Lenovo contract as reward: “when people help you in a crisis you don’t forget”.

  • vfw199-tt-ismael-asenjo-spain-cto

    CTO said to exit Vodafone Spain after Tech reshuffle


    CTO Ismael Asenjo set to leave, according to local reports. Changes continuing to take hold from reworking of Europe‑wide Technology operating model. Move follows appointment of Networks and Digital leads at OpCo.

  • Group Technology toes line on “new-gen” plan
    Strategy & Change

    Group Technology toes line on “new-gen” plan


    Top-down flavour to Tech 2025 initiatives as Group Finance (again) steals a lot of the Group Technology thunder, keeping ambitions in check with fiscal targets. Programme kept closely in line with Group leadership’s medium-term, twin-track ambition to refuel its commercial engine while keeping a tight rein on investment. Headline ...

  • vfw198-tt-vodafone-mec-business
    Network & Infrastructure

    Vodafone gets down to business with MEC


    Scott Petty: UK needs four to eight multi-access edge compute sites. Vodafone is first in Europe with AWS Wavelength , but early days for services. Next distributed MEC target market will be Germany later in 2021. Vodafone Business blends edge into service portfolio.

  • vfw198-tt-tech-2025-focus
    Suppliers & SCM

    VPC’s Wilson says Tech 2025 bringing clarity


    Wilson expects speedier decision-making, faster onboarding of new suppliers, and a stronger drive to standardisation across Group OpCos. Ericsson says it will be “ happy ” to pass on greater cost efficiencies to Vodafone. Swedish vendor targets African gains on back of tech reorg.

  • vfw195-people-dona-el-sayed

    Vodafone people moves: Group tech rejig spreads out


    Donà and El Sayed share technology leadership at Vodafone UK. Vodafone Business builds out SoHo commercial team. Vodacom draws Paytm’s Kaul as financial services Super App emerges with its first “ tenants ”. YeboYethu rotates its board, with long‑time Chair Bassa set to leave. ...

  • dtw100-tt-roland-doll-european-market-b
    Strategy & Change

    Vodafone centralising national tech functions for Europe platform union


    In-country tech l eadership to be extracted and taken over by Group, as part of broader, homogenisation-focused regional reorg. Top Group execs in London hope move will address longstanding frustration with fragmentation and bring efficiencies and speed. Some in OpCos might continue to have other ideas… ...

  • vfw193-tt-it-split
    Strategy & Change

    EXCLUSIVE: Vodafone splits IT, networks to advance TechCo vision


    New bifurcated tech network division of responsibilities. Group and OpCo trickle‑down. Groundwork for delayed TechCo strategy and build‑out. Promoted Scott Petty lays out vision of 5G‑based telco resurgence, but warns Vodafone could become M A prey if data monetisation puzzle remains unsolved. Further insight ...

  • vfw193-tt-scott-petty-cto

    Vodafone UK’s Petty sets sights on Group CTO job


    Exec lays out vision of 5G-based telco resurgence, but warns Vodafone could become M&A prey if data monetisation puzzle remains unsolved.

  • Vodafone supports drone inspection trial led by
    Innovation (R&D)

    Vodafone supports drone inspection trial led by


    Multimillion-pound drone project ready for deployment, with VfUK a key enabler. Drones to work as surveillance system for construction sites — just one of its many potential use‑cases, according to Group CTO. Another addition to Group’s expanding portfolio of drone tech collaborations.

  • btw318-tt-huawei
    Network & Infrastructure

    UK gets on with life after Huawei


    New 5G Diversification Strategy and Telecommunications (Security) Bill expected to introduce tough new network security expectations on operators, while attempting to reduce the risks associated with over‑reliance on Ericsson and Nokia. Government backing open standards, and particularly open RAN , to create a diverse supply chain, ...

  • tt-uk-sans-huawei
    Network & Infrastructure

    UK plots 5G future sans Huawei


    BT suggests Adastral Park would be a natural home for parts of the proposed National Telecoms Lab.

  • Vodafone UK unveils plans to kick-start open RAN
    Network & Infrastructure

    Vodafone UK unveils plans to kick-start open RAN


    OpCo commits to 2,600-site rollout; suppliers in evaluation stage. VfUK aims for at least 20% of UK sites based on disaggregated architectures, but not until 2027. Timeline dovetails with Huawei kit removal roadmap. Investment geared towards encouraging more participation from operators, suppliers, and government to get ...

  • vfw191-people-petty

    Vodafone people moves: Petty on diversification board; new CFO in Ireland


    Sir Ian Livingston drafts Scott Petty alongside fellow telco leaders for infrastructure policy changes. Sales changes in Spain. Evin named CFO in Ireland, while two former Group CFOs take new posts elsewhere.

  • vfw187-7-uk-huawei
    Network & Infrastructure

    Vodafone perturbed by UK shift on Huawei


    Prime Minister turnaround puts Vodafone in financial spin. Group “ put all its eggs in a Chinese basket ”, says Strand Consult.