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    BT people moves: Chairman du Plessis steps down from post


    Jan du Plessis relinquishes chairmanship after four years, Ian Cheshire emerges as potential successor. Former Chairman Michael Rake also seeks a change after stepping down from his Huawei UK posting. Sherman understudy Johanna Lim leaves for Amazon.

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    Strategy & Change

    BT’s Jansen plays for time on transformation


    Eighteen months into the job, the BT CEO is striving to prove the business is on the right track, with a lower-key transformation than many expected. Jansen urging staff to adopt a “lean-in” approach with faster decision-making to accompany systemic change.

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    Former BT leaders split across UK-China divide


    Ex-BT CEO Ian Livingston expected to foster support for challenger vendors as UK transitions from reliance on Huawei equipment. Predecessor Sir Peter Bonfield charged with smoothing relationships between government and Chinese-funded chipmaker Imagination Technologies. Ex-Chairman Rake has been under fire as Huawei-apologist.