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  • dtw116-tt-softbank

    T-Mobile stakeholder SoftBank International swaps CEO


    Alex Clavel to replace Michel Combes after short five-month tenure.

  • dtw113-tt-softbank
    Partnerships & Alliances

    DT partner SoftBank hit by perfect storm


    Investors raise concerns over ‘money-losing startups’ that litter SoftBank’s portfolio. Vision Fund II, DT’s partner in at least three investments, remains a priority.

  • dtw111-tt-gostudent
    Venturing & Investments

    SoftBank tie-up leads to GoStudent investment


    DT and strategic partner SoftBank co-invest in ed-tech platform provider GoStudent. Investment collaboration one of promised benefits from renewed friendship last year, with GoStudent the first to profit from DT–SoftBank tie-up. Claure exit from SoftBank sees hiccup in new DT relationship, however.  

  • Claure to add entrepreneurial energy to DT board

    Claure to add entrepreneurial energy to DT board


    DT management wants Bolivian–American entrepreneur to have SoftBank’s seat on Supervisory Board. Claure sees potential in “undervalued” DT and is bullish about partnership. DT offers route to European market for SoftBank portfolio companies. But the appointment has some drama as a long-running compensation dispute reportedly threatens Claure’s relationship with ...

  • dtw107-softbank-vision-fund-1
    Partnerships & Alliances

    DT set for trio of Vision Fund tie ups: Claure


    SoftBank to give DT a big reservoir of digital partners to draw from as it seeks new revenue streams, starting with European e-mobility, learning, and fintech players. Claure talks up ‘convergence’ and long-term nature of relationship between SoftBank and DT. SoftBank exec looking to make big impression after securing ...

  • dtw107-tt-t-mobile-nl-complete

    DT trades Dutch NatCo for a scoop of US, plus sprinkles


    Former DT CEO Obermann steps in with buyout of T-Mobile Netherlands through Apax–Warburg Pincus consortium. Deal is culmination of turnaround effort launched in 2016 when last attempt to sell NatCo fell through. Exit opens the lid on a box of intriguing strategic options for DT. DT directs some of ...

  • TMUS–Sprint deal on knife edge; mixed signals from DoJ

    TMUS–Sprint deal on knife edge; mixed signals from DoJ


    Deadline pushed back, but Legere still claims to be optimistic about chances. WSJ reports DoJ as reluctant on merger as “currently structured”. Continued lobbying in Washington makes final decision difficult to call.