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  • Ofcom HQ

    Altnets object to Openreach FTTP price proposal


    Regulatory spat over wholesale FTTP pricing spills out into the open. Openreach says new prices offer certainty and encourage FTTP take-up. Fibre rivals claim the cheaper wholesale pricing scheme will reduce infrastructure competition and deter investment. Ofcom provisionally says no action needed, but final decision is expected by the ...

  • Elsewhere in Openreach; expanded FTTP rollout
    Strategy & Change

    Elsewhere in Openreach; expanded FTTP rollout


    Openreach expands FTTP rollout, and expands cablelaying contracts to support the plans.

  • btw327-tt-jansen-full-fibre-30m
    Network & Infrastructure

    Jansen now sees BT chasing 30 million premises with full-fibre


    Extra five million presented as ‘infill’ and presumably more rural. Immediate competitive riposte to news of Virgin Media O2 FTTP retrofit, which it neatly doubles. Jansen says BT not concerned, but challenger altnets should be. No rush for fibre JV partner, but Jansen reveals a UK compatriot would be ...

  • tfw156-tt-mike-fries-vm-02

    VM O2 bites bullet and pledges fibre future


    A future upgrade of VM O2 fixed infrastructure will see coaxial cable edged out and fibre deployed throughout the operator’s footprint. Switching to XGSPON instead of DOCSIS 4.0 pricy, but manageable within modest budgets and with multiple longer term benefits. Pragmatic approach to fibre is partly driven by the ...

  • btw326-tt-community-fibre
    Network & Infrastructure

    DT cash flows to Community Fibre amid altnet boom


    Urban fibre outfitter backed by BT stakeholder Deutsche Telekom accelerates growth, as challenge to Openreach builds.

  • ofcom-bt-price-freedom-btw
    Public Affairs

    Ofcom gives BT fibre pricing freedom, but adds burdens


    Openreach not to face caps or controls on national ultrafast pricing until 2031, as long as it is “fair and reasonable”. Locally-targeted pricing from Openreach prohibited as Ofcom seeks to protect emerging altnets. BT Consumer may lose some edge from 90 day notice period for new propositions from Openreach. ...

  • btw317-26-fibre-thrives
    Financial & Performance

    Openreach fibre thrives but volume deal prospects fade


    A strong quarter and half-year for the access services business demonstrates building momentum for fibre services in the face of the pandemic. Anticipated long-term volume deals may not materialise, but associated competitive pressure may help BT arguments on the need for a ‘fair bet’ from Ofcom.

  • tfw145-tt-masmovil-spain

    Spanish altnet MÁSMÓVIL hits takeover turbulence


    Activist investor tries to foil private equity buyout.

  • blue fibre

    Ofcom clearing path for BT fibre acceleration


    Ofcom looks set to play its part in ensuring Openreach can hit, or raise, its mid-2020s fibre targets. Regulator attempting to balance encouragement of simultaneous investment from BT and fibre altnets through geographic regulation, with safeguards to prevent overly vigorous strategic defences from the incumbent. Openreach given at least ...

  • Openreach delays on-boarding full-fibre know-how

    Openreach delays on-boarding full-fibre know-how


    Openreach stalls boardroom re-jig to add more full-fibre expertise amid concerns of growing BT influence. Strategic thinker Sherman considered a risk to Openreach independence by key CP customers, although Ofcom management said to be on board.

  • btw308-05-17-sheep

    Openreach wins all three lots of Scottish R100 contract


    While superfast service gaps still need to be plugged, Openreach will be bringing full-fibre to remote regions as part of latest Scottish deals. Lack of contract competition underlines need for government-driven action to deliver connectivity to remote areas.

  • John McDonnell, UK Labour Party Shadow Chancellor, 21-25 September 2019 (Brighton)
    Public Affairs

    Labour promises nationalised free broadband for all — BTwatch’s first take


    Considerable speculation and debate on the future of UK communications infrastructure and the sector was sparked by a new Labour Party policy. In its Manifesto for the upcoming UK General Election, Labour is committing to the nationalisation of major elements of BT Group that relate to the provision of ...

  • btw307-wv-46

    Openreach promotes managed FTTC install


    Openreach flagged a special offer on the ‘managed install’ of VDSL services from 10 September 2019 to 10 March 2020, indicating that it was responding to greater appetite among communications providers (CP) to visit the premises of consumers and manage service from the outset.

  • btw306-12-03 Cables
    Public Affairs

    Ofcom opens up PIA and dark fibre, but altnets unhappy


    Ofcom has decided to impose an unrestricted physical infrastructure access (PIA) remedy on BT in all four geographic markets that it identified based on physical infrastructure network competition. Regulated PIA has been available in business markets for some time, but the latest PIMR expands availability to the consumer ...

  • Fibre

    Ofcom lays groundwork for fibre acceleration


    Ofcom is changing its approach to regulation to support an accelerated fibre rollout, creating an opportunity for Openreach to step on the gas. Artificially-high superfast pricing is to be put in place for five years, to give altnets an opportunity for better margins as they grow. Openreach will see ...

  • Last mile fee hike proposed
    Strategy & Change

    Last-mile fee hike proposed


    Timely boost from BNetzA, but 5G costs and Vodafone move cloud wholesale picture.