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  • btw318-tt-procurement-suplari
    Suppliers & SCM

    BT seeks instant purchasing power with Suplari


    Procurement function seeking “relevance” by addressing “huge legacy” of aging IT, and reliance on Excel. Calculating spend with individual suppliers was long-winded. Quick-fire info seen as increasingly important amid COVID-19 and Brexit disruption.

  • Ericsson joins Nokia in 5G RAN mix
    Network & Infrastructure

    Ericsson joins Nokia in 5G RAN mix


    Swedish supplier claims it will handle 50% of EE’s 5G traffic. Vendor stockpiles antennas ahead of Brexit to meet projected UK demand. BT’s Watson talks optimistically about reshaping networks for the future in the absence of Huawei.

  • btw316-tt-bt-covid-19-headache
    Suppliers & SCM

    Brexit and COVID: BT’s twin supply chain headaches


    Group continuing to scrutinise status of 450 key partners, amid logistical and financial turmoil wrought by pandemic. Spread of critical partners under consideration to create greater resilience post-coronavirus and split from EU. Telcos, traditionally known for squeezing suppliers to the max, now focused on keeping them afloat.