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  • Nick Read

    M&A? We’re on it, insists Vodafone CEO


    Activist investor Cevian Capital reportedly wants Vodafone management to push harder on in-market consolidation. Read reiterates claim that “pragmatic” and “open-minded” M&A has always been the plan under his watch, with returns-focused deals in Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK in the crosshairs. Vodafone knocks back Iliad bid for ...

  • Headlines: Germany struggles, Africa bubbles

    Vodafone Q3 FY21–22 Headlines: Germany struggles, Africa bubbles


    Group service revenue growth for fifth successive quarter. German user experience blunder takes gloss off solid set of numbers. Read continues to blame COVID-19 for German struggles, despite rivals’ success. Vodacom makes “very good progress” as Vodafone Egypt deal nears.

  • Q3 FY21–22: Read asserts “proactivity” on M&A

    Vodafone Q3 FY21–22: Read asserts “proactivity” on M&A


    Management seeks to seize back agenda amid growing City pressure for urgency on assets sales. Minimal progress appears to have been made on Read’s long-term push for four-to-three consolidation. German operation unsurprisingly draws questions following embarrassing missteps.

  • dtw112-tt-dt first take
    Financial & Performance

    DT’s FY21 report: events intervene but an empowered Höttges talks tough on towers


    Another strong year of growth for Group, led by USA. Unfortunate clash with Ukraine invasion dulls shareholder reaction. Executives stress openness and flexibility when it comes to a big TowerCo deal, but want full recognition of DT assets’ worth. Muddiness on future of BT holding. Inflationary pressures said to ...

  • vfw204-tt-inwit-manda

    INWIT eyeing European towers for potential M&A


    Vodafone and Telecom Italia TowerCo joint venture lays out framework for “financial flexibility”, enabling M&A when opportunities arise. CEO Giovanni Ferigo claims organic growth remains the focus, but admits interest in smaller European players. Capital allocated to enable inorganic options.

  • tfw162-tt-results
    Financial & Performance

    Telefónica’s FY21 comms decrypted: anticipating a new, asset-light dawn


    Solid organic performance fuels management confidence in Telefónica’s ability to maintain growth and regain traditional swagger. New Spain and UK FibreCos to round off Group infrastructure monetisation programme. Near-term growth may still be dependent on inorganic activity in Brazil and JV success in UK.

  • btw332-tt-q3 results (2)
    Financial & Performance

    BT Q3: king of a still-wobbly hill


    Corporate weakness postpones recovery, with BT Global recuperating and BT Enterprise still in surgery. Rational rivals embraced, but warned of “Armageddon scenario”, with Sky current BFF. Discovery tie-up a win-win for BT Sport (but what about for BT itself?). Openreach charges on, hitting new records for FTTP connections and ...

  • vfw204-q3 results
    Financial & Performance

    Vodafone’s Q3 deciphered: glad-handing activists; German misfire; IoT, Africa fintech blossom


    Management seeks to seize back agenda amid growing City pressure for urgency on asset sales. CEO Nick Read assures Group will be “proactive” in finding returns-focused deals. German user experience misstep takes gloss off solid set of numbers. Price rises planned across Europe, in response to rising costs.

  • vfw204-tt-vantage results
    Financial & Performance

    Vantage tweaks schedule after ‘annoying’ builder delays


    TowerCo’s build-to-suit programme hit by labour and material supply crunch. Management responds with move to simplify supply and logistics. Execs assure headline operational and financial goals remain in reach.

  • Q3 FY21–22: king of a still‑wobbly castle

    BT Q3 FY21–22: king of a still-wobbly castle


    Rational rivals embraced, but warned of “Armageddon scenario”, with Sky current BFF. Mixed results force management to cling to customer satisfaction and market share security blankets. Inflation a bonus for Consumer’s linked pricing. ‘Jam tomorrow’ outlook reiterated.

  • Spend: costs under control

    BT Q3 FY21–22 Spend: costs under control


    Cost-savings transformation programme continues to earn accolades among management, despite necessary investment in infrastructure. Broader market factors felt.

  • dtw111-tt-blinkist
    Venturing & Investments

    hubraum progeny Blinkist turns a profit


    Book-summarising startup gets into the black for the first time. Milestone reached decade into life of the business. Deutsche Telekom incubator hubraum exits startup on the cusp of profitability. Operator was early investor in 2012.

  • btw331-tt-robey warshaw
    Financial & Performance

    BT’s M&A chaperone boosts takings


    Boutique advisory firm Robey Warshaw reports a 50% jump in sales from corporate deal-making tasks. Partner of BT and Vodafone appears primed to benefit from industry’s new wave of consolidation.

  • H1 FY21–22: Openreach enters fibre build phase two

    H1 FY21–22: Openreach enters fibre build phase two


    Lonely position as sole BT unit posting positive results for the half year. CEO Clive Selley confident of future return on investment: FTTP rollout moving ahead of expectations; uptake supported by Equinox pricing deal and growing consumer demand.

  • H1 FY21–22: Jansen trusts BT Global plan, despite setbacks

    H1 FY21–22: Jansen trusts BT Global plan, despite setbacks


    CEO focuses on the strategy, rather than current performance, to paint a picture of a viable future for the MNC-focused digital solutions unit. NPS remains a bright spot for Global, highlighting material gains from the BT transformation plan. Declining margins suggest work still to be done on recovery.

  • H1 FY21–22 Guidance: on-point numbers prompt upward correction

    Vodafone H1 FY21–22 guidance: on-point numbers prompt upward correction


    Group gains confidence from “in line” H1 numbers to raise floors on earnings and cash flow.

  • H1 FY21–22 Spend: capex boost falls silent, opex squeeze paused

    Vodafone H1 FY21–22 spend: capex boost falls silent, opex squeeze paused


    Presentation sees no further update on (somewhat contentious) Group plans for a capex lift to fuel digital services growth. Executives moot another exceptional investment boost in Germany, for fibre rollout. Group Finance’s headline opex reduction programme comes to a temporary halt, amid pandemic effects.

  • Q2 FY21–22 Headlines: growth maintained despite B2B, Spain bumps

    Q2 FY21–22 Headlines: Vodafone growth maintained despite B2B, Spain bumps


    Group benefits as COVID-19 drag steadily eases. On positive side, forward movement maintained in Germany and UK, and picture improves in super-competitive Italy. Blotches include an apparent step back in growth at Vodafone Business, despite its star billing, and a return to reverse gear in perennially challenging Spain.

  • Q2 FY21–22: Read hypes prospects as M&A talk hots up

    Q2 FY21–22: Vodafone's Read hypes prospects as M&A talk hots up


    Leadership especially bullish on “momentum” and “sustainable growth” after solid Q2 data. Wave of M&A possibilities surround Vodafone only a few months after Group declared portfolio reshaping complete. Report sees Group maintain growth, but with mix of performances across businesses and a glitch on cost-saving progress. Guidance floors raised ...

  • H1 FY21–22: Legacy still a drag on BT Enterprise

    H1 FY21–22: Legacy still a drag on BT Enterprise


    Legacy declines continued to outpace new service and digital growth, while mobile wholesale losses dimmed Q2 performance. EBITDA performance buoyed by lower costs. Jansen remains confident in Enterprise’s ability to grow again as CEO Rob Shuter’s organisational changes and new operating model take shape.