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  • Elsewhere in Deutsche Telekom Group
    Strategy & Change

    Elsewhere in Deutsche Telekom Group: Supervisory Board chairman search continues


    Ex-BMW CEO Krüger said to have turned down chairmanship. Audit swap said to hit politics. Group gets wind of energy startup MOWEA.

  • dtw101-tt-t-mobile-money
    Partnerships & Alliances

    T-Mobile MONEY partner banks contract extension


    White label banking provider BankMobile flags the success of its T-Mobile partnership as a contract extension is signed and Sprint customers added. Vendor aims to add another “large” partner due in 2021.

  • vfw192-31-read
    Financial & Performance

    Vodafone Q2 FY20–21


    Cost-cutting props up performance during COVID-19-hit quarter and CFO indicates she is preparing to step up efficiency plans further. Lag in delivery of leadership’s “Phase Two” plans, including Tech 2025, muddying attempts to assure stakeholders of a brighter future. Lots of talk of “underlying” strength as Group’s leadership seeks ...

  • vfw192-32-storm
    Financial & Performance

    Headline numbers: weathering the storm, for now


    Key numbers relatively solid, reflecting telecoms sector’s cushioning from worst of pandemic disruption. Cost-cutting props up earnings, offsetting top-line weakness. Results preceded latest coronavirus response measures, which will have exacerbated drag on roaming revenue. Government support measures and resumption of international travel cited as key to maintaining solidity.

  • Visita centre nou Vodafone
    Financial & Performance

    Guidance: tightly-wound numbers obscure future


    On a like-for-like basis, Vodafone Group is holding its own in the pandemic so far and leadership appears confident regarding short-term outlook. Longer-term prospects remain a question mark, however, especially as cost-cutting — rather than the top-line growth — is keeping the Group on a steady course. Asset sales ...

  • vfw192-33-sim
    Financial & Performance

    Spend: Della Valle dials it up on COVID cost-cutting


    CFO flags acceleration of savings push during H1, and possibility of a further expansion of ambitions for the post-COVID era. Planned developments at Vodafone Procurement Company briefly mooted. Stark Retail and Shared Services cutbacks detailed.

  • vfw192-26-sa-helps-vodacom-b
    Financial & Performance

    Africa: resilient SA helps Vodacom through crisis


    Vodacom continues to perform well despite regulatory and macro pressures across its regional footprint. However, unfavourable currency trends remain fly in the ointment when Group’s results are translated to Vodafone’s P&L. No sign yet that Vodafone management is going cool on its commitment to Africa, despite weaknesses and willingness ...

  • vfw192-tt-vodafoneziggo
    Strategy & Change

    Liberty likes idea of VodafoneZiggo listing


    Vodafone partner’s CFO argues that an IPO would command “premium valuation” in comparison with incumbent KPN. Bracken casts Vodafone as “wonderful partner”, and that the JV has done a “great job” in cutting costs and increasing revenue. Talks enthusiastically about VodafoneZiggo as “national FMC champion”. ...

  • Sprint
    Financial & Performance

    Headline data: bulked-up DT busting out of old suit


    Double-figure and triple-figure milestones nearing for expanded Group on sales and earnings. TMUS the star, again, but DT’s network of European telcos holding firm during highly problematic FY. Top management unclear on picture at T-Sys as orders slump.

  • Guidance: beefed-up DT puts on a show
    Financial & Performance

    Guidance: beefed-up DT puts on a show


    Up-sized Group uprates earnings again. America providing the main grunt, but Europe also chipping in. Stakeholders still queasy around cash generation, despite Group’s rude health at EBITDA level.

  • Q3 FY20: Europe fix now tops agenda for transformed DT
    Financial & Performance

    Deutsche Telekom Group Q3 FY20


    Twin-track Group resilient in Europe while continuing to achieve strong growth in the USA. Mismatch between prospects and sentiment in two regions has become a key challenge for management. Attention turning to next strategic cycle, and how DT will seek to reinvigorate Europe-side businesses in stodgy political and regulatory ...

  • btw317-20-group-b2b-costs
    Financial & Performance

    BT Enterprise dials down on B2B costs


    BT Enterprise flags more cost-cutting measures are being implemented as COVID-19 disruption adds to the broader challenges it faces in the digital era. As ever, partner and supplier consolidation and change is part of the plan. CEO Jansen presents enterprise 5G as bright spot amid gloom.

  • Spending: cost controls “here to stay”
    Financial & Performance

    Spending: cost controls “here to stay”


    Current crisis said to have engendered long-term change for the Group, with claims that costs are being permanently cut, and not just deferred. Further confirmation provided that the peak of capex is behind the Group.

  • Outlook: Cash is king
    Financial & Performance

    Outlook: Cash is king


    Telefónica appears just about on track to meet guidance on operating cash flow during this uncertain year. The weak share price is adding to worries on debt, but generating more free cash flow is the Group’s preferred response to pressure. Management tight-lipped on future dividend payments.

  • Headline data: Another quarter of belt‑tightening and falling revenue
    Financial & Performance

    Headline data: Another quarter of belt-tightening and falling revenue for Telefónica


    Telefónica’s narrative of core market strength yet to fully win over doubters. Restructuring remains work-in-progress in Hispam, Tech, and Infra.

  • Q3 FY20: Under pressure Telefónica flaunts assets
    Financial & Performance

    Telefónica Group Q3 FY20


    Worries persist about Group debt, a tanking share price, and continued exposure to troubled LatAm markets, but Telefónica insists that €100bn of assets on the balance sheet that could be monetised should calm nerves. “Double dip” challenge of pandemic and FX fluctuations acknowledged by management, but Group positioned as ...

  • Q2 FY20–21: Jansen requests patience for transformation
    Financial & Performance

    BT Group Q2 FY20–21


    Revenue and profit keep falling in pandemic. COVID-19 creates noise and uncertainty, but BT is pushing its transformation story, asking for patience as stakeholders get twitchy. Openreach a lone bright spot, although Global may be benefitting from long-term recovery strategy. An improved earnings forecast at BT is not expected ...

  • btw317-26-fibre-thrives
    Financial & Performance

    Openreach fibre thrives but volume deal prospects fade


    A strong quarter and half-year for the access services business demonstrates building momentum for fibre services in the face of the pandemic. Anticipated long-term volume deals may not materialise, but associated competitive pressure may help BT arguments on the need for a ‘fair bet’ from Ofcom.

  • btw317-16-margins-consumer
    Financial & Performance

    Margins slip as BT Consumer pursues quality


    Another tough COVID-19-impacted quarter but management playing the long game, with a focus on premium services. Network investment continuing as division seeks an uplift from next-generation platforms. BT reputation improving, but weaknesses remain outside core products, necessitating dual-brand approach. Commercial partnerships remain a key strategic element, but hit to ...

  • btw317-21-global-covid-headwinds
    Financial & Performance

    BT Global braces for more COVID-19 headwinds


    Precipitous revenue declines continue for Global as pandemic makes its presence felt, but mitigation measures and ongoing transformation ease the pain on profit levels. Growing underlying strength of division offers hope beyond an anticipated tough second half.