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  • Guidance: capex bill causes pushback

    Vodafone Q4 FY20–21 guidance: capex bill causes pushback


    Group opens up with medium-term growth commitments. However, City analysts appear irked by cash flow uncertainties stemming from spend to fuel that growth.

  • Spend: a rare loosening of the purse strings

    Vodafone Q4 FY20–21 spend: a rare loosening of the purse strings


    Leadership keen to assure that RoI will dictate where capex flow is directed. Lack of opex focus suggests digital efficiencies programmes could be in for a reboot.

  • tfw154-tt-telefonica-q1-fy21

    Mystery of Telefónica’s vanishing digital revenue as Tech takes off


    Hard-fought progress at the start to the year looks set to provide a base to hit guidance, with management seeming open to improving outlook as the year progresses. Group keeping its options open on monetising Hispanoamérica interests and its fibre infrastructure in Europe. Telefónica Tech is open for business ...

  • btw325-tt-bt-q4-fy-results

    Destination: new BT; ETA 2026


    Jansen again evangelising glorious digital future: five-year timescale reiterated, with promises of peak fibre investment passing and financial nirvana arriving. Stability predicted for FY21–22. Investors more interested in gruel on today’s menu rather than jam promised tomorrow. The court of public opinion may ultimately rule on five-year tax dodge. ...

  • vfw196-tt-vod-ringcentral-dividend-2022
    Financial & Performance

    RingCentral expects Vodafone dividends in 2022


    Cloud-based comms provider does not expect strategic partnership with Vodafone Business to start bearing fruit until “beyond 2021”. RingCentral COO says tie-up “on track to launch this year in multiple countries across Europe”.

  • Spend: investment taps kept open, despite pressure

    Spend: investment taps kept open, despite pressure


    New TDE CEO Gopalan to search behind sofa for capex and opex savings for fibre push.

  • Headline data: COVID covered

    Headline data: COVID covered


    COVID-19 impacts figures but massively outweighed by Sprint deal and tempered in Europe by NatCo resilience. Group juggernaut rolls on as all key forecasts comfortably surpassed. Höttges goes NSFW to stress DT’s outsized strength versus atrophying European rivals.

  • Guidance: all levers set to growth mode

    Guidance: all levers set to growth mode


    Earnings growth expected from both US- and Europe-side businesses. Sprint-boosted revenue base forecast for further expansion. TMUS to fuel revival from cash flow dip.

  • FY20: Deutsche Telekom taxis for cash flow take-off

    FY20: Deutsche Telekom taxis for cash flow take-off


    DT expects post-Sprint upwelling of cash flow to begin during current fiscal year, laying basis for next phase of investments. Europe now conquered, says Group CEO as he sets sights on American leadership too. Group’s top line passes €100m with further growth expected in FY21.

  • Q4 FY20: New Telekom CEO wants to muscle-up on fibre

    Q4 FY20: New Telekom CEO wants to muscle-up on fibre


    Gopalan gets top-level billing in Q4 session as leadership shows confidence in new CEO to up DT’s domestic game. Group resets fibre mega-project goals. Apparently more sustainable FTTH plan puts ultrafast as central plank of future go-to-market strategy. New entity GlasfaserPlus emerges within Gopalan toolset. First signs emerge of ...

  • Q4 FY20: T-Sys not for sale despite another FY of drag
    Strategy & Change

    Q4 FY20: T-Sys not for sale despite another FY of drag


    Höttges wants to keep T-Sys in the DT family despite ongoing wait for the enterprise division to meet positive cash flow ambition. Pandemic-induced order entry and revenue drops laid out in FY20 results. Impact of crisis cushioned by efficiency measures and majorly tightened capex.

  • Sprint Campus Lit up in T-Mobile Magenta
    Strategy & Change

    Q4 FY20: TMUS highlights DT’s ‘positive headache’


    Group leadership relaxed on quandary of when to push button on re-acquisition of majority control in powerhouse NatCo. TMUS on track with Sprint integration, emphasising huge cash flow potential DT could tap into for expansion across Group.

  • Q4 FY20: Shrinking Telxius focused on serving the core

    Q4 FY20: Shrinking Telxius focused on serving the core


    Telefónica Infra’s biggest asset demonstrates worth ahead of its sale, while the remainder of the Telxius business is primped for a possible offload. Infra set to focus on development and management of fibre InfraCos to ease Group capital demands and accelerate fibre rollout, while serving the need of OBs. ...

  • Q4 FY20: lightweight Hispam division swimming against the tide

    Q4 FY20: lightweight Hispam division swimming against the tide


    FX once again crushes a period of robust defensive plays by Hispanoamérica operating businesses. Argentinian currency devaluation weighs heavily. Restructuring in Mexico provides a gloss to profitability for the final quarter. Management expectations moving on from a sale or spin-out towards development an insulated asset-light unit to minimise the ...

  • Elsewhere in BT Group

    Elsewhere in BT Group: rural rent causing problems


    DT feels BT’s pain; EE among the MNOs to take flak for making the most of rural rent reductions.

  • Q3 FY20–21: Top team turn bullish as growth returns, just

    Q3 FY20–21: Top team turn bullish as growth returns, just


    Nick Read and Margherita Della Valle claim Group set for acceleration after sneaking back into growth territory during quarter. European macro and M&A questions continue to overhang claims of confidence in regional prospects, however. Amid continued talk of yet more in-country consolidation, “pragmatic” Vodafone will “always examine opportunities to ...

  • dtw103-tt-ribor-rekasi
    Network & Infrastructure

    Magyar Telekom CEO rules out tower tie-ups


    Tibor Rékasi anticipates no strategic activity in the “near future”. 5G coverage target met in Budapest.

  • dtw103-tt-towerco-expansion
    Network & Infrastructure

    Deutsche Telekom waiting in wings for TowerCo expansion


    CFO Illek wants to see how Vantage Towers IPO pans out before making any big moves On prowl for investor partners through Digital Infrastructure Vehicle set up in collaboration with Cellnex. Flags Deutsche Funkturm’s “good price” and M&A possibilities. Selling tower assets to make a quick euro, à ...

  • dtw103-tt-contract-extensions

    DT’s tech and M&A chiefs earn contract extensions


    Thorsten Langheim (USA & Group Development) and Claudia Nemat (Technology & Innovation) both pick up new five-year deals. CEO Höttges underlines stability and momentum for the Group.

  • tfw152-tt-results-wobbles
    Financial & Performance

    Telefónica wobbles over 2020 finish line, targets stability


    Revenue and OIBDA drop 11% as double-whammy of COVID-19 and currency fluctuations hit. Guidance on cash flow just about achieved, while FY21 focus will be on stabilisation. Dividend reduced by 25% as COVID-19 challenges continue, and 5G auctions loom. Telefónica Infra picking up minority stakes in Group infrastructure as ...