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  • btw326-tt-ni-report-public-funding
    Public Affairs

    NI report criticises past public broadband projects


    Audit Office report cannot verify that two broadband projects “ achieved value for money ”. High service take-up rates suggest not all public funding was needed. NI expected to claw back £14m of public funds from BT. Hopes for £165m Project Stratum to deliver better outcome ...

  • tfw154-tt-o2-vm-approval

    VM-O2 sets sights on BT as merger gets final clearance


    CMA’s final approval should see deal completed by 1 June. Owners trumpeting investment opportunities with fibre InfraCo potential coming to the fore.

  • btw325-tt-strike-action-on-hold
    Public Affairs

    BT re-enters union talks, with strike action looming large


    BT gets “ serious ” in negotiations with CWU and is said to have halted redundancies — for now. Union looking to secure assurances on job security for “ all ” members. Proposed ballot to go ahead in early-June if talks come to nothing.

  • gets all-clear for BVLOS drone flights
    Public Affairs gets all-clear for BVLOS drone flights


    VfUK drone partner achieves UK‑first permission. Tests to be carried out at three nominated sites. OpCo flags separate drone trial collaboration with Ericsson and Lidar tech for remote cell site inspections.

  • btw324-tt-horizon-europe
    Innovation (R&D)

    UK access to Horizon Europe unclear


    Government offers to pay some of the costs, but not all, to access EU’s Horizon Europe scientific funding initiative. The successor to Horizon 2020 , which BT has tapped into, Horizon Europe has an R D budget of €95.5bn.

  • BT “disappointed” as government tweaks voucher scheme
    Public Affairs

    BT “disappointed” as government tweaks voucher scheme


    Government kicks off first phase of £1.2bn Project  Gigabit . £210m for rural voucher scheme, but fewer communities are eligible; £110m for connecting rural doctors’ surgeries, libraries, and schools. DCMS Delivery  Plan suggests considerable uncertainty on most effective way to target government spending.

  • dtw103-tt-ean-legal
    Public Affairs

    Deutsche Telekom’s EAN is legal — ECJ


    DT partner Inmarsat welcomes European Court of Justice ruling and decries drawn‑out legal spat. Ruling “ provides certainty ” to existing EAN users and opens door to new customer alliances. ECJ guidance to be heard in pending cases, but national courts have final say.

  • vfw195-tt-vodafone-germany-tv-change
    Public Affairs

    Vodafone Germany braces for cable rule changes


    New law could end bundling cable TV with housing association rental fees. VfD could lose two million subscribers, estimates Jefferies.

  • tfw153-tt-jose-maria-alvarez-palette

    Álvarez‑Pallete hails Spanish leadership in digital revolution


    Telefónica Executive Chairman says Spain is in a “ leadership position ” in digitisation, but requires a new “ framework ” to take full advantage. Data underlined as paramount, with a ‘social contract’ needed to ensure privacy and fair valuation.

  • Telefónica softens Millicom litigation demands
    Public Affairs

    Telefónica softens Millicom litigation demands


    Millicom calls to dismiss legal case ruled out by Supreme Court. Telefónica dampens demands to instead seek damages. Litigation remains in motion.

  • Vivo in CADE firing line for cartel foul play
    Public Affairs

    Vivo in CADE firing line for cartel foul play


    Brazilian consortium of Claro, Oi, and Vivo may face fines for alleged cartel practices relating to a 2015 broadband services tender. BT Brasil on the receiving end of supposed competition violations.

  • Vodafone, Fastweb file lawsuits against TIM
    Public Affairs

    Vodafone, Fastweb file lawsuits against TIM


    Operators seek combined €1.1bn in damages, with incumbent accused of anti‑competitive behaviour. Complaints follow AGCM investigation. TIM preparing “ solid ” defence on all fronts, with prospective merger partner Open Fiber weighing in too.

  • vfw195-tt-ziggo-sport
    Public Affairs

    EC quietly drops Ziggo Sport probe


    Antitrust investigation that sparked EC’s 2018 office raid closed down, with little revealed regarding what was behind it.

  • btw322-tt-sir-ian-cheshire

    Cheshire puts hat in the ring for BT chair job


    Current BT non‑exec seeking to buck the trend and encourage Group to look internally for du Plessis replacement. Cheshire brings considerable experience and strong political links, but may lack the skills needed for future battles.

  • vfw195-tt-teoh-tpg

    Teoh throws in the towel at TPG Telecom


    Investors spooked by unexpected resignation of TPG Chairman, cutting share‑price by nearly 7%. Billionaire businessman Teoh vague about reasons for departure. Son Shane resigns from board as Non-Executive Director.

  • btw322-tt-cathryn-ross

    BT Regulatory Affairs lead Cathryn Ross sets sail


    Regulatory Affairs Director and Executive Committee member Ross’s departure announced a week after Ofcom market review job‑done. Set to take newly‑created Strategy Regulatory Affairs role at Thames Water.

  • btw322-tt-number-10
    Strategy & Change

    Openreach cites No 10 lack of clarity as key early COVID test


    Initial uncertain status of Openreach workforce deemed biggest challenge when ensuring UK connectivity and worker safety through lockdown. Strong chains of command, coupled with responsiveness to staff concerns, said to frame management response. Fears on return to offices and on‑premises work may prove the biggest challenge. ...

  • vfw195-tt-airtel-voda-spain
    Products & Services

    Upstart Airtel rouses Vodafone Spain’s ire


    New Spanish service provider revives Airtel brand after Vodafone Spain let trademark expire. VfS demands company stop using the brand.

  • btw322-tt-national-strike-intense
    Public Affairs

    Threat of BT national strike intensifies


    CWU calls on BT member base to back strike action, with further details on proposed ballot in “ coming weeks ”. Group transformation continues to exacerbate already disaffected BT-union relations. Mass walkouts from ‘late-spring’ a possibility. Union and BT share very different relationship perspectives.

  • btw322-tt-fibre-ruling-ofcom
    Public Affairs

    BT braces as Ofcom fibre ruling looms


    Ofcom to set out its fibre vision this week, and while BT may get pricing freedom, it may not get the longer‑term clarity it craves. Regulator’s steps to open up infrastructure competition may also disrupt the incumbent’s plans.