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  • btw329-tt-jansen-battle-ready
    Strategy & Change

    Jansen battle-ready as competition grows on two fronts


    BT CEO returns to pre-pandemic promises of a more robust defence of BT’s market position, on price if necessary. Speculation on heightened wholesale competition comes as Openreach Equinox fibre pricing looks set to reinforce the Group’s strong position. Retail threats may be more pressing for the incumbent as Sky ...

  • btw329-tt-digital-duo-catalysts-of-change
    Strategy & Change

    Digital duo plan to be catalysts of change for BT


    Incomers Harmeen Mehta and Rob Shuter are tag-teaming to bring their external perspectives to BT’s digital transformation plans. Enterprise unit set to become a route to market for emerging services, with a “fail fast” mindset. BT described as receptive to need for change, but Mehta calling for people to ...

  • btw329-tt-jansen-wants-you
    Strategy & Change

    Jansen wants YOU: BT pitches for tech talent in reinvention drive


    BT CEO uses TM Forum event to pitch BT as a destination employer for digital talent as he seeks to move faster on digitalisation. Fundamental importance of network core underlined, but BT’s staff expected to be open to reskilling to meet the needs of a software-driven business. Partnerships and ...

  • tfw157-tt-left-leaning-peru-govt-beds-in
    Public Affairs

    Telefónica on edge as rambunctious Peru government beds in


    Reports highlight fears that multinationals in Peru may face tougher opposition in trading and taxation disputes as the new Peruvian administration develops its strategy under a strongly left-leaning President. Risks the future of a local Telefónica InfraCo; could face complications in a challenging political climate.

  • BT Pension Scheme completes Hermes exit

    BT Pension Scheme completes Hermes exit


    Federated Hermes actions call option to acquire BTPS’s residual shareholding in fund manager. BT on track with pension deficit recovery plan.

  • mark-evans-2018-01-480
    Strategy & Change

    Evans elevated to lead Telefónica’s digital strategy


    Former O2 UK CEO takes a step up the Group management ladder after missing out on role as head of merged UK JV. Potential for pivotal digital double act with Chema Alonso bringing innovation expertise to be harnessed by Evans’ commercial nous. Navarro remains as key adviser to Chairman, ...

  • tfw157-tt-scales-of-justice
    Public Affairs

    Four years later, O2 UK bribery probe hits headlines


    Sunday Telegraph report highlights an investigation into alleged corruption among O2 UK management. Claims appear linked to alleged abuse of the O2 UK incentive scheme, first identified in 2017, which prompted a significant overhaul of the operator’s anti-corruption policy and procedures.

  • Telefónica claims inflection point as structure shifts

    Telefónica claims inflection point as structure shifts


    Despite changing perimeters and restatements making a clear view difficult, organic growth across the business offers promise. Guidance improved on positive first half for revenue and profit, but operating cash flow is retreating compared with FY22 goals. Net debt coming down after disposals and restructuring, and Latin American loans ...

  • H1 FY21: Telefonica seeks rationality at its core

    H1 FY21: Telefonica seeks rationality at its core


    Core markets showing progress as the worst effects of the pandemic begin to recede. Steady move towards converged services across all markets reflects continued pursuit of a valuefocused strategy as digital services begin to proliferate. Spanish flagship leading the way on strategy, but still experiencing a tough competitive market. ...

  • Q2/H1 FY21: Abasolo hails revitalised Hispam

    Q2/H1 FY21: Abasolo hails revitalised Hispam


    15-quarter streak of negative headline reported figures broken. Buoyant management considers new asset-light operating model can prove longterm value of the regional OBs to the Group. Contract mobility and fibre broadband positioned as central to commercial turnaround.

  • tfw156-tt-vm-o2-simon-groves

    Groves comes up inside track to lead VM O2 marketing


    Former Tesco Mobile CMO to lead on VM O2 brand and marketing as two prime candidates depart. Veteran Groves set to push for a more holistic approach to customer experience across the merged business.

  • btw327-people-crozier

    BT confirms Crozier as ‘turnaround’ chair


    Former ITV CEO unanimously picked to replace Jan du Plessis, with BT highlighting his experience in changing the fortunes of struggling public and private businesses. Digital evolution and a return to growth highlighted as key priorities for Crozier-era BT.

  • btw327-tt-adam-crozier

    BT targets serial moderniser to back Jansen transformation


    Strong media rumours emerged identifying former Royal Mail Chief Executive Adam Crozier as the likely Chairman-successor to du Plessis, reflecting continued pressure on BT to accelerate restructuring. Crozier would come with little direct digital background, but considerable experience of shaking up venerable institutions, and with recent experience linked to ...

  • tfw156-tt-vivendi
    Partnerships & Alliances

    Vivendi reignites Telefónica relationship with new stake


    1% shareholding set to be just the start of a closer alliance and reflects the media group’s enthusiasm for strategic telco partnerships. Partnership opportunities exist across the Telefónica footprint, but Spain appears the main area of interest for Vivendi. The move reverses earlier Vivendi exit as a Telefónica investor, ...

  • tfw156-tt-code-powers-vm-o2
    Strategy & Change

    VM O2 preps for wholesale with code powers application


    Concerns over securing acceptable commercial terms for key sites on VM O2 network behind request for additional tenancy rights. Code-based flexibility will simplify the process of enabling wholesale access to sites, while supporting potential network expansion.

  • tfw156-tt-mike-fries-vm-02

    VM O2 bites bullet and pledges fibre future


    A future upgrade of VM O2 fixed infrastructure will see coaxial cable edged out and fibre deployed throughout the operator’s footprint. Switching to XGSPON instead of DOCSIS 4.0 pricy, but manageable within modest budgets and with multiple longer term benefits. Pragmatic approach to fibre is partly driven by the ...

  • btw327-tt-safe-security
    Venturing & Investments

    BT investment signals cybersecurity intent


    BT named lead investor in $33m Safe Security funding round. SAFE cyber risk quantifier to be added to BT security offering, with the potential to target 30 million BT Consumer customers flagged by the partner. As well as exclusive securing UK rights, BT’s cash injection to fund accelerated innovation ...

  • btw327-tt-amazon-bt-partnership
    Partnerships & Alliances

    BT targets Amazon as key commercial partner


    As Consumer embraces a platform strategy and seeks new partners to help boost customer value and enhance its billing relationships, a concerted effort is being made to woo internet giant Amazon. Relationship building reflects determination to achieve a “best for partnerships” strategic objective.

  • btw327-tt-bt-networks-2028
    Network & Infrastructure

    BT accelerates Huawei swap-out and sets 2028 full 5G goal


    By 2028 EE’s 5G network to reach 90% of landmass and the remainder “on-demand”. Consumer and Network-fronted event intended to stake BT’s claim for national network superiority, and development of a platform for growth. Exacting ESN connectivity demands pinned as a reason for open access caution, but accelerated Huawei ...

  • btw326-tt-altnet-challengers-fibre-uk

    Digging the UK fibre scene: competition hots up


    Investment funds continue to flood fibre altnets, with emerging challengers collectively committing to passing more than 20 million homes in coming decade and many billions in investment promised.