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  • vfw183-xx-tt-arch-summit

    Vodafone postpones Arch Summit 2020 on coronavirus fears


    Luxembourg get-together moved back to October 2020.

  • Höttges supports European enterprise push at Digital X

    Höttges supports European enterprise push at Digital X


    Germany’s move for shared European cloud infrastructure backed. CEO laments lack of European rivals to tech giants from America, Asia. TDE announces upcoming campus network products. NatCo signs strategic partnership with Teradata. T-Sys unveils new public and private cloud propositions.

  • LUCA turns three, with AI embrace

    LUCA turns three, with AI embrace


    Third edition of LUCA’s annual innovation event focuses on big data and AI solutions for partners. Movistar Living Apps and Aura voice-control in the spotlight.

  • btw307-02-06-weights

    BT demos 8K, but easing focus on technology


    Amidst showcase of new network and broadcast technology, BT Sport stressed the importance of customer experience over technology bragging rights. Value of 5G emphasised for more efficient and agile production capabilities.

  • btw306-05-02 Motherboard
    Strategy & Change

    Watson “lifts the veil” on BT Technology


    A converged core is the key big project for BT Technology, creating potential for new platforms and more efficient seamless service delivery. Big spending division focused on strategic sourcing, and creating savings by attacking legacy systems. Watson is anticipating BT building a range of data-driven business models on the ...

  • Vodafone's Martin Wesenaar providing insights into the OpCo’s transition to a cloud‑native environment
    Strategy & Change

    DTW19: Vodafone Germany on charge to cloud payments


    Long-running, Huawei-supported project said to have been met well, with customer experience and efficiencies benefits. Some compromises made on legacy and vendor retention.

  • Deutsche Telekom's "One App"
    Strategy & Change

    HAL’s odyssey: Deutsche Telekom grows API framework to drive savings


    Executives claim progress in Europe’s digitally-flavoured simplification plan, flagged at DT’s last Capital Markets Day. OneApp customer support platform nears full reach across Europe area. E-commerce and TV services next. Data-analytics layer in pipeline.

  • Lester Thomas, Vodafone's Chief Systems Architect, on "zero touch" partnering
    Strategy & Change

    DTW19: Another Vodafone Group signal of coming partner platform refit


    Vodafone recognises need for improvement in partner collaboration, to fuel 5G success. Chief Systems Architect looking to reshape IT, to help open-up while protecting “secret sauce”. TM Forum and University of Surrey among collaborators.

  • Rachel Higham, Managing Director of IT at BT, reviewing Da Vinci project progree

    BT Group scales new peaks with IT transformation expedition


    The Da Vinci project is putting human-centric design at the core of BT’s IT approach, requiring a fundamental change in outlook for the telco. Higham’s programme helping BT cut IT costs by nearly 40%, while improving internal perceptions of the Group’s IT function through new services. Da Vinci approach ...

  • TATA Communications board, The Future Telco, at DTW19
    Partnerships & Alliances

    Google and telco: a beautiful budding relationship


    Web services giant gees-up operator audience, stressing their go-to-market strength. Opportunities highlighted across network, IT, and services.

  • Presentation slide by André Kriger, CIO at Telefónica/Vivo
    Strategy & Change

    Telefónica/Vivo: opening Pandora’s box


    CIO recounts experiences from digital overhaul of Brazilian operator’s sprawling IT operation.

  • Rob Visser, CIO at Italian operator Wind Tre, discussing the importance of reskilling employees

    Digital transformation (DTW19): culture change, reskilling crucial


    Reskilling employees fundamental to Wind Tre’s digital transformation strategy. Cultural and organisational change critical for digital transformation to be adopted at scale and to succeed. Operators must change their corporate identity to attract vital new talent. Wind Tre CIO sceptical of vendor marketing of new technologies.

  • dtw19sr-08-Rakuten-Tareq-Amin-4000x2667
    Network & Infrastructure

    Rakuten Mobile at DTW19: first cloud-native mobile network operator (from a non-telco)


    Inside the rebel base: CTO opens up on Rakuten Mobile and Reliance Jio green-field ventures. Network and customer experience reimagined for challenge to operator establishment. Can telco establishment translate experiences, with legacy encumbrance?

  • Erik Meijer, Strategy Group Product Manager for Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, speaking at DTW19
    Partnerships & Alliances

    Deutsche Telekom: introvert telcos plan mould-breaking 5G party (DTW19)


    DT plans to step up “conversations” with partners in a bid to ensure 5G return-on-investment. Execs concede telcos remain “quite poor” on enabling collaboration. ’Fast telecoms’-vision mooted, with repeatability across numerous services, but can traditionally closed telcos deliver? Hints of increased focus on services long-tail, and beyond flagship tie-ups. ...

  • Daniel Vaughn, Telefónica México, on a panel discussing the realities of AI

    Telefónica embraces short-term pain for data flexibility


    Telefónica Mexico provided insights on building momentum on creating replicable data-driven local systems, with potential for wider deployment. Groundwork on establishing principles, and ensuring standardisation, vital to ensuring benefits can flow through to subsequent use cases. Real-world implementation of a standardised approach can cause initial localised pain, but is ...

  • José Ramón Gómez Utrilla discussing Telefónica's AURA strategy
    Products & Services

    Telefónica ramps up AURA


    Telefónica provided insights into its AURA strategy, including more market launches. Microsoft’s position as a partner remains a core element of the project. Commitment reiterated to overcoming the challenge of combining local services with a central unified vision.

  • The Big Debate: Edward Tian, China Broadband Capital Partners, Digital Transformation World 2019
    Network & Infrastructure

    Operators, other industries struggle for 5G commonality


    5G expectations have been raised, and now need to be met: lots of talk of potential, but monetisation not clear cut. Scepticism over network readiness for advanced, challenging applications, such as in gaming and sport. Supplier establishment again chided for dragging feet on harmonisation and cloud-ification; operators stuck in ...

  • Open Digital Framework session, Digital Transformation World 2019
    Innovation (R&D)

    TM Forum champions APIs as telcos battle web giants


    More big hitters are joining TMF’s Open API programme, although numbers remain lower than anticipated. Ongoing focus on standardisation and consistency saw a pause in API development to ensure strong foundations. Adoption of SDN and virtualisation is blurring the remit of traditional standards bodies.

  • Skynet Catalyst: Outstanding Catalyst depicting Business Assurance awareness (TM Forum, Digital Transformation World 2019)
    Innovation (R&D)

    TM Forum DTW19: 2019 Catalysts spark pragmatic innovation


    Rundown of key Catalysts, joint initiatives. More than 30 joint technology projects demoed, with assurance, partnering, and customer experience to fore. Operator preoccupations ahead of 5G include profitability and effectiveness of network slicing. Drones, emergency services, and healthcare among focus verticals.

  • Nik Willetts, Chief Executive, TM Forum (Digital Transformation World 2019, Nice)

    TM Forum’s DTW19 event underlines need for collaboration and speed


    The telecoms industry’s annual pilgrimage to Nice on the French Riviera is set to take on a somewhat different tone in 2020. France has become inextricably linked with the flagship TM Forum (TMF) event – apart from two forgotten years in Dublin – but, following its rebranding as Digital Transformation World in 2018, the event now looks set to transfer to Copenhagen, apparently in order to provide more space.