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  • VM O2 CTO Jeanie York tackles convergence complexity

    VM O2 CTO Jeanie York tackles convergence complexity


    York opens up on bringing together technology, products, and teams. CTO, CIO, and CDO are separate but collaborate. New Volt converged service is result of squad way of working.

  • VM O2 puts Samsung in RAN frame
    Suppliers & SCM

    VM O2 puts Samsung in RAN frame


    Longstanding suppliers Nokia, Ericsson put on alert as JV explores “vendor diversity”. VM O2 will put Samsung’s 4G and 5G RAN equipment through its paces. South Korean supplier maintains kit is open RAN-compliant (after some configuration changes).

  • tfw153-tt-vm-o2-leadership-announcement

    Telefónica, Liberty lay out leadership for merged VM-O2


    Telefónica and Virgin Media execs share the spoils 50:50 at the new venture, which is still pending regulatory approval. Jo Bertram and Gareth Turpin among the O2 names to get a seat, with Telefónica Argentina’s de Meo brought in as CIO. No room for O2’s HR guru Catherine Leaver, ...

  • tfw150-tt-brendan-oreilly

    CTO O’Reilly exits O2


    Brendan O’Reilly appointed Global CTO at infrastructure provider BAI Communications, leaving a gap at the top of O2 UK ahead of its impending Virgin Media merger. BAI hoping to tap O’Reilly’s 5G and network sharing expertise.