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EWE ‘committed’ to Telekom Deutschland fibre JV

Partnerships & Alliances

EWE ‘committed’ to Telekom Deutschland fibre JV

‘Complaint of non-admission’ submitted to Federal Court of Justice after it revoked approval of TDE-EFE joint venture late last year. Glasfaser Nordwest was deemed “illegal” following controversial 2019 launch


Partnerships & Alliances

Vodafone names partners for speech‑based AI bot

TPG Telecom ties with Genesys and Google Cloud to launch an “upgrade” to Vodafone’s TOBi chatbot. Natural language processing integration set to improve voice channel triaging, with sales role touted in a future deployment.


Strategy & Change

Telefónica e‑learning unit rehoused to target enterprise

Telefónica Educación Digital moves under Group’s Filiales unit, alongside the likes of the Prosegur Alarmas JV and retail manager Telyco. Reorganisation said to benefit business’s enterprise ambitions. Digital education solutions and services cropping up across Telefónica’s Spanish operation.