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  • Deutsche Telekom 5G Momentum Index — April 2020
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    Deutsche Telekom 5G Momentum Index — April 2020


    Ericsson’s lead diminished. Samsung the most obvious beneficiary of Huawei’s misery. Nokia still lacking star quality. Qualcomm and Intel in rare face-off, with hub:raum also now a key enabler. Supporting pack reinvigorated, with TMUS-Sprint merger completion opening doors to new crowd.

  • tfw141-5gmi
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    Telefónicawatch 5G Momentum Index, March 2020


    Telefónicawatch ’s 5G Momentum Index (5GMI) for the year to March 2020 reflects Telefónica strategic decision to be best not first at 5G globally, with a shuffled pack of suppliers showing that work is well underway. Arguably most significant is the high-profile swap at the ...

  • Vodafone 5G Momentum Index, March 2020
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    Ericsson leads, Huawei stumbles, TIP surges: Vodafone 5G Momentum Index, March 2020


    Vodafone’s 5G ecosystem sees drastic changes, Ericsson holds its lead. Nokia slips into dogfight with Huawei, TIP and Samsung. Mavenir heads challenging pack with ZTE on its heels, pursued by Qualcomm, Parallel Wireless, Altiostar, and several others.

  • BTwatch 5G Momentum Index - February 2020
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    BTwatch 5G Momentum Index to February 2020


    BT and EE’s 5G supplier ecosystem measured for February 2020. Nokia maintains lead, but yet to capitalise on Huawei’s wipeout. Ericsson may be surprised to find itself fending-off the Telecom Infra Project and OpenRAN to maintain contention. Peloton of vendors include ADVA, Mavenir, and Ciena, ...