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  • Atento notches growth in Telefónica CX relationship

    Atento notches growth in Telefónica CX relationship


    Former Telefónica subsidiary Atento flags growth in Telefónica revenue as numbers return to pre-pandemic levels. Contact centre operator’s increased interest in ‘Multisector’ business not yet fulfilling revenue diversification ambitions, with Telefónica contract expirations looming.

  • H1 FY21: Telefonica seeks rationality at its core

    H1 FY21: Telefonica seeks rationality at its core


    Core markets showing progress as the worst effects of the pandemic begin to recede. Steady move towards converged services across all markets reflects continued pursuit of a valuefocused strategy as digital services begin to proliferate. Spanish flagship leading the way on strategy, but still experiencing a tough competitive market. ...

  • Q2/H1 FY21: Abasolo hails revitalised Hispam

    Q2/H1 FY21: Abasolo hails revitalised Hispam


    15-quarter streak of negative headline reported figures broken. Buoyant management considers new asset-light operating model can prove longterm value of the regional OBs to the Group. Contract mobility and fibre broadband positioned as central to commercial turnaround.

  • Telefónica claims inflection point as structure shifts

    Telefónica claims inflection point as structure shifts


    Despite changing perimeters and restatements making a clear view difficult, organic growth across the business offers promise. Guidance improved on positive first half for revenue and profit, but operating cash flow is retreating compared with FY22 goals. Net debt coming down after disposals and restructuring, and Latin American loans ...

  • tfw156-tt-vivendi
    Partnerships & Alliances

    Vivendi reignites Telefónica relationship with new stake


    1% shareholding set to be just the start of a closer alliance and reflects the media group’s enthusiasm for strategic telco partnerships. Partnership opportunities exist across the Telefónica footprint, but Spain appears the main area of interest for Vivendi. The move reverses earlier Vivendi exit as a Telefónica investor, ...

  • tfw156-tt-prosegur-sales
    Financial & Performance

    Telefónica’s alarms JV accelerates sales


    Partner Prosegur sees JV outpacing growth of its standalone alarms business. Security group open to alliances in areas where it is not already present.

  • tfw156-tt-volava-engages-with-tf-spain
    Partnerships & Alliances

    Movistar gives fitness startup Volava distribution leg up


    Wayra interest Volava taps into Spanish OB’s customer base, with flexible payment options for its hardware. Movistar raises possibility that early-stage link-up could be expanded upon, as startup pounces on COVID-19-spurred exercising-at-home trend.

  • Elsewhere in Telefónica Infra-Tech
    Strategy & Change

    Elsewhere in Telefónica Infra-Tech: Telefónica Tech Ventures expands into IoT


    Telefónica Tech Ventures expands into IoT; roads, manufacturing, and tourism targeted as Group continues to build “smart” business-to-business alliances.

  • Q1 FY21: Final coronavirus quarter packs a punch

    Q1 FY21: final coronavirus quarter packs a punch


    Spain and Germany OBs stabilise as first wave of coronavirus shocks works its way through results. Vivo displaying underlying strength, but currency fluctuations continue to turn positives to negative. With strong returns on falling revenue O2 UK bows out as a ‘core four’ market Hispam edges back into the ...

  • Q1 FY21: resilience building for slimmed down division

    Q1 FY21: resilience building for slimmed down division


    Telefónica upbeat on commercial performance in tough markets but contributions to Group coffers continue to shrink on weak currencies. Argentinian OB making a comeback. Mexican MVNO model yet to translate into improved financial performance. Chile and Colombia among the OBs seeing success with a pursuit of higher value customers. ...

  • tfw154-tt-telefonica-q1-fy21

    Mystery of Telefónica’s vanishing digital revenue as Tech takes off


    Hard-fought progress at the start to the year looks set to provide a base to hit guidance, with management seeming open to improving outlook as the year progresses. Group keeping its options open on monetising Hispanoamérica interests and its fibre infrastructure in Europe. Telefónica Tech is open for business ...

  • tfw154-tt-telefonica-uruguay

    Suitor emerges for Telefónica Uruguay


    Grupo Olmos, Argentinian healthcare, insurance, and media conglomerate, formalises intention to enter negotiations for the OB. Former Telefónica Espana CEO Gipérez appointed to “lead” acquisition project.

  • FY20: Core four battle on in tough times
    Strategy & Change

    FY20: Core four battle on in tough times


    Major markets collectively show declines at the end of a tough year, but Group remains committed to focusing investment on next-generation networks to transform its fortunes. Spanish operations still the crown jewels, and closely protected, but management still yearning for market consolidation. O2 UK’s five-year efficiency drive has it ...

  • Q4 FY20: Shrinking Telxius focused on serving the core

    Q4 FY20: Shrinking Telxius focused on serving the core


    Telefónica Infra’s biggest asset demonstrates worth ahead of its sale, while the remainder of the Telxius business is primped for a possible offload. Infra set to focus on development and management of fibre InfraCos to ease Group capital demands and accelerate fibre rollout, while serving the need of OBs. ...

  • Q4 FY20: Telefonica Tech still growing into its role

    Q4 FY20: Telefonica Tech still growing into its role


    Telefónica Tech described as “most resilient” area of the business, although growth appears below initial expectations. Licensing and reselling virtualised services key growth drivers, and enterprise offerings propelling divisional growth.

  • Q4 FY20: lightweight Hispam division swimming against the tide

    Q4 FY20: lightweight Hispam division swimming against the tide


    FX once again crushes a period of robust defensive plays by Hispanoamérica operating businesses. Argentinian currency devaluation weighs heavily. Restructuring in Mexico provides a gloss to profitability for the final quarter. Management expectations moving on from a sale or spin-out towards development an insulated asset-light unit to minimise the ...

  • tfw152-tt-cyg-bags-new-invest
    Venturing & Investments

    Telefónica interest CyG bags fresh investment


    Startup’s funding pot topped up by angel investors. CyG member of Wayra’s Hall of Fame. Cross-industry sustainability drive key to CyG’s growth potential.

  • tfw152-tt-wayra-invest-kenmei
    Venturing & Investments

    Wayra injects cash into Valencian network tech player Kenmei


    Network automation startup Kenmei broadening horizons, with ambitions outside domestic market. Startup’s AI specialism of potential interest to Telefónica. Rival MÁSMÓVIL joins in on funding round.

  • tfw152-tt-results-wobbles
    Financial & Performance

    Telefónica wobbles over 2020 finish line, targets stability


    Revenue and OIBDA drop 11% as double-whammy of COVID-19 and currency fluctuations hit. Guidance on cash flow just about achieved, while FY21 focus will be on stabilisation. Dividend reduced by 25% as COVID-19 challenges continue, and 5G auctions loom. Telefónica Infra picking up minority stakes in Group infrastructure as ...

  • Open Future Call I: Telefónica eyes ‘revolutionary’ tech
    Innovation (R&D)

    Open Future Call I: Telefónica eyes ‘revolutionary’ tech


    Open Future hubs across Spain prep for first 2021 intake. Group seeks to highlight role in job creation amid present challenges.