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  • Rakuten Group, Inc.

    Rakuten Symphony turns up the volume in Europe


    After setting up shop in France, Germany, and the UK, Symphony puts out welcome mat for software companies to join its Symworld marketplace.

  • dtw115-tt-droniq

    Droniq sees pivotal role for telcos in BVLOS flight


    Deutsche Telekom JV believes beyond visual line of sight essential for drone market success.

  • tt-unmanned-life-interview

    Unmanned Life creates “brain” for autonomous robotics


    Wayra‑backed startup blends 5G, AI, and edge computing in “autonomy‑as-a‑service” platform for orchestrating fleets of drones and ground robots.

  • vfw205-tt-bii impact
    Venturing & Investments

    UK’s rebranded BII embarks on new impact investing


    British International Investment (BII) embraces broader digital strategy.

  • btw332-tt-openuk-interview

    OpenUK explores Gaia​‑X data model


    Open technology advocacy group wants to keep UK engaged with Europe on developing federated data models.

  • vfw202-vodafone-wind-river-20211220
    Vendor Voice

    Wind River claims spotlight for new role at intelligent edge


    Decisive moves to embrace disaggregated networks by global leaders including Vodafone and Verizon are creating opportunity for Wind River to seize an enabling role for MEC and 5G services.

  • Oracle: Cloud evolution must be business-led for digital SPs
    Vendor Voice

    Oracle: Cloud evolution must be business‑led for digital SPs


    For many years, the telecoms industry has been attempting the balancing act of managing the decline of traditional services while extracting the full value of decades of massive investment in the operational systems that enable them. The challenge of escaping this ‘technology debt’ has now been heightened by a ...

  • Interdependence Day — taking testing out of the lab
    Vendor Voice

    Interdependence Day — taking testing out of the lab


    Test and assurance specialist Spirent spoke to TelcoTitans’ Vendor Voice and highlighted how the ongoing reinvention of telecoms networks is necessarily being accompanied by a reset regarding resilience. With cloud‑native services and applications becoming the new standard as next‑generation networks gain prominence, Spirent is urging operators to ‘take testing ...

  • The Telco-Techco differentiator: unleashing strategic data
    Vendor Voice

    The Telco-Techco differentiator: unleashing strategic data


    The value of data multiplies significantly once you integrate it. Breaking down silos to seamlessly orchestrate data can deliver a virtuous circle of customer experience improvement and operational efficiency, presenting a springboard for strategic reboot. Embracing data as mission-critical must be led from the top. Hyperscale partnerships provide an ...

  • Ciena: Adapting the network mindset for the new digital world
    Vendor Voice

    Ciena: Adapting the network mindset for the new digital world


    Speaking to TelcoTitans’ Vendor Voice, key figures within Ciena underline the foundational role of networks in transitioning to the digital platform future that is now permeating telcos’ operational and customer functions. However, they also note that the embrace of models more familiar in an IT setting is causing some ...

  • vfw201-tt-nik-willetts-1
    Strategy & Change

    TMF’s Willetts: maintaining vendor status quo “dangerous”


    Speaking to TelcoTitans, Nik Willetts, CEO of industry body TM Forum, outlined his perceptions of the state of digital transformation in the telecoms sector. Procurement‑led vendor management needs to evolve towards partnership for digital acceleration. Hyperscalers can remain more friend than foe as operators seek new ways to differentiate ...

  • Universe19-Tues-General-Session-148
    Vendor Voice

    Teradata: Telcos can’t afford to wait on CX digitalisation


    Telco investment in best‑in‑breed tools has embedded data silos that need to be opened to complete the customer picture in a data‑driven environment. Recent financial sector experience demonstrates that focus on a holistic and cloud-enabled view of the customer, and not individual product lines, is an essential element of ...

  • btw328-tt-insource-partners-india
    Strategy & Change

    BT reviewing Indian tech ops, may insource from partners


    Taking a relook at level of work outsourced to third-party providers such as Tata Consultancy Services and Tech Mahindra. Insourcing would “strengthen” role of BT’s Bangalore-based services operation, increase self-reliance.

  • btw328-tt-mark-murphy-2

    Interview: New HQ beckons for Jansen’s “better BT”


    As BT prepares to move into a new-era head office in Aldgate, Technology HR boss Mark Murphy speaks to TelcoTitans about the Group’s physical and virtual makeover. Technology reorganisation, facilities facelift, and move to ‘smart working’ viewed as key to refreshing how BT does business. Organic and inclusive approach ...

  • Teradata-Martin-Willcox-Universe19-Tues-General-Session-125
    Vendor Voice

    Teradata: balanced data foundation critical to digital transformation


    If AI and ML are your future, make sure the data foundations are in place. Requirements and applications change but the need for a solid data base does not. Your data vision should be holistic, released from the complexity and inefficiency of hundreds and even thousands of siloes. ...

  • Celfocus Global Inspiration Day
    Vendor Voice

    Celfocus: Agile mindset and precision key to digitalisation


    In an interview with Telefónicawatch, Paulo Trigo, CEO of European telco SI Celfocus, outlines a belief that operators must think more nimbly as they engage in strategic transformation programmes. IT implementation needs greater influence to enable digital transformation. Agile is more than a buzzword and must to be part ...

  • Blue Planet urges operators to take the digital leap
    Vendor Voice

    Blue Planet urges operators to take the digital leap


    In interviews with Telefónicawatch, senior figures at Blue Planet discussed learnings from the vendor’s journey towards the digitalisation of services by carriers. Standards provide vital safety net as industry digitalises incrementally and telcos must act collectively to establish a vision. Old thinking on customer relationships and procurement cause friction. ...

  • btw325-tt-openreach-tech-colin-lees

    Openreach Tech team powers UK fibre build


    CTIO Colin Lees shares impact of tech overhaul on network build. More effort on provisioning and repair in three-year transformation project. Openreach owns IT and Network strategy decisions; BT Digital and BT Networks are key suppliers. Three-supplier strategy for FTTP advances with Adtran, Huawei and Nokia. ...

  • btw323-tt-katie-milligan-rural

    Openreach’s Milligan on importance of rural fibre


    Openreach executive sees fibre deployment as key to reversing rural to urban migration . Building broadband is not enough: more education is required to ensure higher take‑up . Need to ‘ join the dots ’ to ensure infrastructure and economic programmes are properly implemented .

  • vfw195-tt-vishal-dixit

    Vishal Dixit: MVNOs are vital to Vodafone UK growth


    Conversations with potential UK MVNO partners are “ in the double digits ”. Asda Mobile and Virgin Media deals exemplify OpCo’s new approach to MVNO partnerships . OpCo moving away from a ‘computer says no’ approach to MVNOs.