• Avanti discussed its relationship with BT Group, and promoted HYLAS4 satellite in recent results presentation.


Avanti highlights relationship with BT Group in recent results presentation

Source: Mohammed lak / Unsplash

Satellite communications provider Avanti highlighted its relationship with BT Group in a recent results presentation, as it promoted its HYLAS4 satellite. With the company writing down the value of older assets, the newer satellite was said to be attracting considerable interest in Africa, and is also set to be used for backhaul provision as part of the UK’s Emergency Services Network through contracts with EE and the Home Office.

In mid‑2016, EE signed a deal with Avanti thought to be worth an initial £20m, to provide “4G” backhaul for coverage in remote areas, using the HYLAS 1 and 2 satellites (BTwatch, #276, #279).