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  • Q1 FY20–21: Jansen rallies troops for collective effort

    BT Group Q1 FY20–21


    First full COVID-19 quarter sees a sharp decline in revenue and EBITDA. Outflow of cash as network investment continues. Group CEO Jansen claims mists are clearing, enabling Group to issue guidance for the year — although BT anticipates little improvement until 2021. Openreach progress is the main positive for ...

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    Elsewhere in BT Consumer: Brexit prep and ESN progress


    Brexit preparations; fairer price commitments; ESN deployment progress.

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    Elsewhere in Openreach: FTTP progress trumpeted


    Fibre rolls past three million; weather and robbers cause disruption; fleet goes electric.

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    Elsewhere in BT Enterprise: MedTech roll outs and a win with Mavenir


    BT expands R&D efforts with NHSX, and adds Medic Bleep to its NHS offering. Enterprise expands its connected worker portfolio with Onsight from Librestream.

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    BT champions DLT to help provision 5G private networks


    Strong Russian flavour to project, with Rostelecom as Catalyst co-champion, and suppliers Nexign, RTC ARGUS among participants. Catalyst to underpin a network resource marketplace for Industry 4.0. Federated DLT Marketplace to meld with two other BT-supported TM Forum programmes, forming “Mega Catalyst”.

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    BT sanguine on DT investment in London fibre rival


    Minority BT stakeholder Deutsche Telekom adding to its UK interests through an investment in social housing-focused fibre altnet Community Fibre. Former EE Chief Olaf Swantee to make a UK return as venture’s Chairman. Community Fibre building a business case on sharing Openreach ducts and poles with aim to reach ...

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    Network & Infrastructure

    Openreach NI pushes to keep pace in dynamic Gigabit contest


    Openreach Northern Ireland accelerating full-fibre rollout as challengers expand their ambitions. Market has highest full-fibre coverage in UK, but urban–rural divide persists. Startup Fibrus takes on Openreach and Virgin Media. Long-awaited, £165m Project Stratum to be awarded soon.