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    Partnerships & Alliances

    BT, Microshare smarten up London hospital


    BT sticking with LoRa as a an LPWAN option as it promotes the onsite efficiency gains for organisations using IoT private networks. First known partnership between BT and Microsoft-supported IoT startup Microshare.

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    Network & Infrastructure

    Symantec absent as BT picks key security partners


    Slimmed-down list of partners expected to simplify the BT Security sales pitch while ensuring an effective and synchronised managed services wrap. Tenacious smaller vendors maintain a role in the ecosystem, but sector giant Check Point’s role modest, and well-established ally Symantec off the radar.

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    Network & Infrastructure

    IoT key to BT’s DyNS drive


    Vendor licensing costs and proprietary hardware acting as a brake on widespread SD-WAN uptake, but more compelling IoT economics bringing DyNS to factory floors. BT partnership with Dell spotlighted as an enabler of BT progress in expanding its portfolio. IoT expected to help drive 5G investment through reliable, low-latency ...