• Breaking down silos to seamlessly orchestrate data can deliver a virtuous circle of customer improvement and operational efficiency, presenting a springboard for a strategic reboot.
  • In adopting tech sector business models, telcos have yet to fully grasp the value of their data assets, with coordination acting as a powerful multiplier.
  • Embracing data as a mission-critical asset requires strategic, not tactical thinking. This needs to be led from the top.
  • Hyperscale partnerships provide a springboard, but the long-term risk of competition should prompt operators to control their own data destiny.
  • 5G is a prime opportunity to prove the value of customer-centric ‘segment of one’ thinking as a lever for more dynamic rollout.

The opportunity for leveraging orchestrated data becomes even broader as 5G becomes established. The market opportunity for 5G has been valued at $4.5tn (£3.3tn), but Mark Nixon, Head of Telco Consulting at Teradata, notes that only around 30% of this relates to connectivity. The bigger slice is around new vertical industry use cases in fields such as connected cars, manufacturing and agriculture, and smart cities.

“As an operator, I’d ask ‘how do I transform and become relevant in the new enterprise vertical markets?’. And ‘how do I then structure my organisation and my assets, such as the network, to be able to play a valid role in those new ecosystems?’. [All this data] is going across my infrastructure and I’ve got no idea of the value of it, and that’s because my systems were not built to do what they’re needed to do today.