• Former JV positive on go-to-market synergies, following full amalgamation with parent Novabase.

Celfocus sees opportunities to expand Vodafone account, post-sale

Celfocus sees opportunities to expand Vodafone account, post-sale

Source: Vodafone / Flickr

Portuguese systems integrator Celfocus said Vodafone will remain its “biggest and most strategic” customer, despite the recent sale of the Group’s stake in its business.

Nuno Periquito, Head of Marketing at Celfocus, told Vodafonewatch that “essentially nothing changes in the relationship with Vodafone”, following the exit.

He expects Celfocus to benefit from closer integration with IT services group Novabase, which has taken full ownership of the business by purchasing Vodafone Portugal’s 45%‑holding. “Our client engagement will be reinforced, and Vodafone will have the same if not bigger focus as it will continue to be the biggest and most strategic client for years to come”, said Periquito.

The April 2020 transaction worth between €20m (£17.7m) and €27.5m is aimed at unlocking synergies with Novabase, and will make Celfocus a “bigger operation” and “enrich our client portfolio”, said Periquito.

Novabase plans to embed the former joint venture (JV) more closely within its NextGen strategy, which Periquito said focuses on reinforcing the vendor’s positioning as a “global IT services company, expanding progressively this capability to deliver complex and innovative projects in NextGen technologies and solutions. Presently that means the digital, cognitive, and automation space”. “Celfocus will be the main growth driver to support Novabase’s NextGen strategy”, he added.

Periquito also joined other industry figures in describing increased demand for communications and collaboration services, during COVID‑19 lockdowns, as an encouraging sign for the industry.

“In addressing the COVID-19 impact, CSPs across the globe, have proven their resilience and ability to adapt to both businesses and consumer needs… There will be challenges in adjusting to the ‘new normal’ but this surge in telecoms service demand could provide operators with an opportunity to further invest and develop services such as videoconferencing, video, and cloud-based ICT services, leverage usage data and customers insights and accelerate automation and self-service capabilities.”


Celfocus was formed by Novabase and VfP back in 2000 and has worked on major IT projects with numerous Vodafone OpCos, Group functions, and Partner Markets, including recent years’ development of the Group’s central, cloud-based Vodafone TV offering and associated Vodafone TV Analytics platform (Vodafonewatch, #174 and passim).