• Further information emerged on the 5G trials to be undertaken by Telefónica España and its partners in the Galicia region of the country.

Telefónica España 5G pilot taking off

Telefónica España 5G pilot taking off

Source: Miguel Ángel Sanz / Unsplash

The Spanish government issued a call for 5G research partners in late-2018, and Telefónica, alongside principal partners Ericsson and Nokia, won one project in Galicia, while Vodafone Spain and Huawei Technologies won another in Andalusia (Telefónicawatch, #134).

Although initial reports had suggested that as much as €10m had been awarded to the Telefónica consortium to support the project, it appears that around €4.6m of public funds will be contributed to the €14m project.

The project will consider applications of 5G in the following areas:

  • Connected car development.
  • Monitoring railway infrastructure with drones.
  • Augmented reality in an industrial setting.
  • Fixed-wireless access.
  • Streaming events coverage.
  • Remote diagnosis of health conditions.

Centred on The Thinx IoT laboratories in Barcelona and Madrid (Telefónicawatch, #121 and #130), Telefónica will provide support and advice to third parties on the potential of the new infrastructure.

Other partners in the Galicia project include: Cinfo Customized Informational Content; International Center for Advanced Ophthalmology; Idronia Multimedia Solutions; and Telnet Redes Inteligentes.