• Telefónica Empresas collaborate with Spanish banking group Bankia on development of office equipment monitoring platform.
  • Telefónica Empresas sign deal with Santalucia to upgrade communications network and IT environment.

Collaborations & deals


Source: Cytonn Photography / Unsplash

  • Telefónica Empresas flagged a collaboration with Spanish banking group Bankia on the development of a monitoring platform that enables the bank to maintain real-time surveillance of office equipment, and detect and resolve equipment failures in a timely fashion. The bank is said to now have a round-the-clock care and management model for its 2,280 locations in Spain that forms part of its strategic plan for 2018-20 to move towards digital IT systems for its 16,000 employees. Telefónica said it implemented a unified management technology model for Bankia, and in particular highlighted a Wi-Fi solution with wide area network (WAN) connectivity that it said provides secure connectivity for employees and customers. As well as improving the resolution rate of incidents to 90%, proactive monitoring is said to have allowed the most critical elements of the branch network, such as automated teller machines and cash recyclers, to have a cash availability ratio of more than 98% – reportedly one of the highest among Spanish banks. Bankia is Spain’s fourth-largest bank and a longstanding customer of Telefónica. For example, the operator won a contract from the banking group in 2015 to supply electricity to its branches and offices (Telefónicawatch, #101). Prior to that, Telefónica signed a major contract in May 2013 to provide telecoms and IT maintenance across the bank’s distributed architecture (Telefónicawatch, #77).
  • Telefónica Empresas signed a deal with Santalucia to upgrade its communications network and IT environment. This will include fibre-optic technology and facilitate the mobility of the Spanish insurer’s sales force. It will also upgrade and integrate systems and equipment to manage the end-to-end sales process, from contracting to after-sales, via a single platform. Santalucia is said to have been working with Telefónica for more than ten years.