• Open Future hubs across Spain prep for first 2021 intake.
  • Group seeks to highlight role in job creation amid present challenges.

Open Future Call I: Telefónica eyes ‘revolutionary’ tech

Open Future Call I: Telefónica eyes ‘revolutionary’ tech

Source: Samuel-Elias Nadler / Unsplash

Telefónica Open Future launched a fresh call for startups in Spain. The move aims to create a new intake of startups for ten of the Group’s eighteen Open Future Hubs — a network of innovation centres across Spain. Businesses have until 30 March 2021 to respond.

Of interest to Telefónica are startups that “want to revolutionise traditional industries” such as agriculture, applied science, and healthcare. Those leveraging artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of Things technologies are flagged as particularly appealing.

Chosen startups will be granted places on accelerator courses lasting four-to-nine-months. Perks include “greater visibility” across the Telefónica ecosystem, tailored mentorship, networking opportunities, co-working spaces, and potential investment.

Open Future, launched in 2014, was recently absorbed into Wayra Investigación y Desarrollo (Telefónicawatch, #147), which in turn is 100% owned by Group-level subsidiary Telefonica Digital España. Wayra Investigación y Desarrollo is the umbrella encompassing the Group’s ‘Wayra’ entities. These include: Telefónica Innovation Ventures (the Group’s corporate venturing holding company), Telefónica Tech Ventures (Telefónica Tech’s investment vehicle), and Wayra (innovation arm).

Cycle restarts

Startups are encouraged to register directly with Hubs best suited to their business proposition.

Of the ten participating Hubs, only three centres — Carthago, Gran Vía, and Green M1 — are searching for specific proposals. Individual Hubs also list entry requirements, such as the condition of having a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in place or under development, and at least one “full-time” founding member.

2020 saw Open Future launch two separate innovation calls in Spain: one in February and the other in September (Telefónicawatch, #148). Through this engagement, Telefónica claims to have helped create “705 qualified jobs” during the tumultuous year.

Open Future Call I 2021 (participating hubs)
HubPartners (known)Notes
 Source: Telefónica.

El Ángulo (Ceuta)

Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta

Seeking four entrants. MVP requirement.

Carthago (Cartagena)

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

Four-to-eight-month accelerator. Promoting ideas that generate a positive impact on society and Cartagena.

El Cable (Almeria)

Ayuntamiento de Almería; Junta de Andalucía

Eight-month accelerator. MVP requirement. Preference for Andalusia-born entrepreneurs.

El Cubo (Seville)

Up-to-eight-month accelerator. MVP requirement.

El Patio (Córdoba)

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba; Junta de Andalucía

Up-to-eight-month accelerator. MVP requirement.

Gran Vía (Madrid)

Wayra Madrid

Nine-month incubation programme for young entrepreneurs. Shared space with “more than ten startups”. Seeking business-to-consumer proposals. Hub offers potential engagement with Group innovation arm Wayra.

Green M1 (Tarragona)

Ayuntamiento de Tarragona

Seeking twelve entrants. MVP requirement. Six-month programme. Promoting ideas that generate a positive impact on people, society, and the city. If deemed commercially viable, three proposals will receive funding of up to €3,000.

La Atalaya (Extremadura)

Junta de Extremadura

Eight-month accelerator. Seeking three entrants. Offers access to potential clients.

La Cárcel (Segovia)

Sergovia Activa

Seeking a “maximum” of five entrants. Twelve-month co-working space available to selected startups.

La Farola (Málaga)

Malaga City Council; Junta de Andalucía; Ayuntamiento de Córdoba

Eight-month accelerator. MVP requirement. Startups must have at least three employees.