• Operator implements near-zero touch automation to increase operational efficiency.

Movistar taps Nokia for automation-led OSS upgrade

Movistar taps Nokia for automation-led OSS upgrade

Source: Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine / Flickr

Nokia said its technology was underpinning a recent upgrade of the operations support system (OSS) at Telefónica Colombia (Movistar).

The Finnish vendor said its Digital Operations software will enable Movistar to conduct a vast number of OSS-based tasks (purportedly more than 43 million per month) on a near-zero touch automation basis.

It represents a catalogue-based compliance solution executed through an open application programming interface, and will support Movistar’s voice, mobile data, value-added, and over-the-top services for 3G and 4G. It will also help manage portability requests and voice-over-LTE provisioning.

Nokia indicated that the Digital Operations software is supported by its Common Software Foundation platform, which is designed to make the vendor’s cloud-native software products easier to deploy and use.

Robert Puche, Chief Information Officer at Movistar, said time savings and the ability to deploy multiple solutions from various vendors will “open the door to new revenue-generating services more rapidly than before with the automation and servicing requirements that are critical to meeting our customers’ needs”.

Telefónica Colombia has also recently adopted automation capabilities from IBM. In 2019, it deployed IBM Robotic Process Automation (Telefónicawatch, #135).


[Further reference: Nokia Digital Operations software supports digital transformation of Telefónica’s Movistar Colombia — Nokia, 5 November 2020.]