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    Deutsche Telekom people moves: cloud changes at T-Systems


    T-Systems’ Cloud Services department makes changes across accounts, with movements in Automotive and Public Transport verticals. Krämer replaces Fleutiaux in senior T-Sys spot. Google Cloud partnership gets new frontman in Queck. TMUS integrates rideshare acquisition Octopus Interactive. Wide-reaching leadership team rework at TMUS heightens focus on enterprise and targets ...

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    T-Mobile poaches new CTIO from Vodafone


    Vodafone’s Networks lead Thibaud Rérolle to join T-Mobile Netherlands in the summer. Replaces outgoing Kim Larsen at TMNL as it prepares for an ownership change.

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    T-Mobile tech boss Larsen departs


    Dr. Kim Kyllesbech Larsen, a high-profile tech figure within Deutsche Telekom, exits Dutch NatCo on gardening leave. Move comes with T-Mobile’s private equity takeover nearing imminent completion.

  • Robots aren’t taking over just yet, says T‑Mobile’s Larsen

    Robots aren’t taking over just yet, says T-Mobile’s Larsen


    CTIO Kim Larsen looks beyond the hype to deliver a realistic assessment of the road to network autonomy and guides on early incremental opportunities. Still early days for OpCo’s zero-touch ambition, with Larsen seeing TMNL at stage one of five. Capabilities, experience, and data quality seen as key challenges. ...