Ken Wieland

Ken Wieland

Ken has been writing about developments in the fixed and mobile markets for over twenty years. He has been a contributor to Market Mettle and TelcoTitans since 2015.

  • tfw155-tt-nokia-ericsson-spain-5g
    Network & Infrastructure

    Telefónica España sticks by Ericsson, Nokia for ‘real’ 5G


    Scandinavian duo reportedly selected for 5G SA rollout. No real surprise as Ericsson, Nokia already ensconced in 5G NSA RAN. Spanish government offers sweeteners for rescheduled 700MHz spectrum sale.

  • btw325-tt-end-to-end-security
    Network & Infrastructure

    BT puzzles over end‑to‑end quantum security


    Optical expert optimistic about upcoming commercial availability of QKD and “global” satellite distribution of crypto keys. How to protect the terrestrial “bit in the middle” against quantum‑computing hacks still uncertain. Due diligence needed on Arqit’s QuantumCloud. Lord confident UK can tap into EU funding, despite Brexit.

  • vfw197-tt-nick-jeffery

    Ex-Vodafone UK CEO talks up turnaround cred at Frontier


    Nick Jeffery claims five-year stint as Vodafone UK CEO was unmitigated success. Top brass at Frontier Communications seem to agree and want Jeffery to work his magic at the US broadband service provider.

  • btw325-tt-bt-arqit
    Partnerships & Alliances

    BT heads to the quantum cloud with Arqit


    Group backs QuantumCloud developed by UK startup, which purports to provide QKD security protection to end‑point devices over the cloud. BT named exclusive reseller of Arqit’s products in the UK.

  • dtw105-tt-srini-gopalan
    Strategy & Change

    Softwarisation is industry’s destiny, says DT’s Gopalan


    Telekom Deutschland Chief Executive sees industry value already shifting from physical infrastructure to software architecture. Network orchestration layer and partnerships key to realising telco‑as-a-platform vision. Cannibalisation of legacy revenue part of the digital transformation journey.

  • vfw196-tt-vod-ringcentral-dividend-2022
    Financial & Performance

    RingCentral expects Vodafone dividends in 2022


    Cloud-based comms provider does not expect strategic partnership with Vodafone Business to start bearing fruit until “beyond 2021”. RingCentral COO says tie-up “on track to launch this year in multiple countries across Europe”.

  • btw324-tt-quantum-apocolypse
    Network & Infrastructure

    BT warns “Quantum Apocalypse” might happen in 2024


    Optical research expert says quantum computers could crack current public-key cryptosystems within a few years. Ubiquitous fibre connectivity particularly vulnerable to attack. BT sees QKD — “fighting quantum with quantum” — as key in safeguarding national critical infrastructure.

  • btw324-tt-bt-security-locks-fortinet
    Products & Services

    BT Security locks onto Fortinet for SD‑WAN


    Security division launches new managed SD‑WAN with Fortinet Secure SD‑WAN built-in. New service pitched as being able to “de‑risk digital transformation investments” made by BT Global customers.

  • btw324-tt-horizon-europe
    Innovation (R&D)

    UK access to Horizon Europe unclear


    Government offers to pay some of the costs, but not all, to access EU’s Horizon Europe scientific funding initiative. The successor to Horizon 2020, which BT has tapped into, Horizon Europe has an R&D budget of €95.5bn.

  • TMUS hits the 5G FWA trail
    Products & Services

    TMUS hits the 5G FWA trail


    5G Home Internet service available to 30 million homes at launch. NatCo aims for more than seven million FWA subscribers within five years.

  • btw323-tt-drone-pankhurst
    Innovation (R&D)

    BT wants SIM-fitted drones as standard


    Head of BT’s Drone Solutions keen on developing out-of-the-box SIM card solution. Telco wants Project Xcelerate to showcase EE network’s suitability for BVLOS flights. Scaling drone-flight volumes in BVLOS environment a pressing challenge. Collaboration with US-based TEOCO in the pipeline to optimise flightpaths.

  • btw323-tt-bt-sourced-launch
    Suppliers & SCM

    BT Sourced embarks on buyside disruption


    Low-key launch for BT’s “standalone” procurement company. Time will tell if greater reliance on digital tools will turn BT Sourced into “procurement disruptors and trailblazers”.

  • btw323-tt-bt-enterprise-5g
    Enterprise (B2B)

    BT Enterprise eyes 2023 for 5G lift-off


    Spencer says better performing 5G standalone networks needed to kick‑start market. Operator inexperience in provisioning spectrum for private networks another brake on enterprise adoption. University Hospitals Birmingham and Belfast Harbour again hailed as BT’s main B2B 5G success stories.

  • btw322-tt-cloud-first
    Enterprise (B2B)

    BT positions for post-‘cloud-first’ enterprise era


    In collaboration with Dell/VMware, BT flags ability to securely “repatriate” apps back into private servers as enterprises retreat from ‘cloud‑first’ strategies.

  • btw322-tt-bt-wholesale-5g
    Enterprise (B2B)

    BT Wholesale gets in on 5G game


    Wholesale Mobile Connect, pitched as “comprehensive cell site connectivity portfolio for 5G deployment”, slated for launch in 2021. Fully-managed service targeted at MNOs. Division embraces open RAN technology.

  • vfw195-tt-teoh-tpg

    Teoh throws in the towel at TPG Telecom


    Investors spooked by unexpected resignation of TPG Chairman, cutting share‑price by nearly 7%. Billionaire businessman Teoh vague about reasons for departure. Son Shane resigns from board as Non-Executive Director.

  • dtw103-tt-nokia-dt
    Network & Infrastructure

    Nokia says it's back in Deutsche Telekom’s 5G good books


    Claims past concerns raised by Deutsche Telekom about its single RAN and 5G radio equipment have been addressed. Huawei far from out the picture, despite geopolitical pressures. Deutsche Telekom pointedly calls Chinese supplier a “strong partner” on unveiling their joint “multi-Gigabit campus networks” solution in Germany.

  • vfw195-tt-siro-vodaf
    Network & Infrastructure

    SIRO nudges up premises passed, but still some way off target


    Vodafone’s fibre JV in Ireland added 61,000 premises in 2020, taking total up to 360,000. A 450,000 target, slated for 2018, now not expected to be reached until H2 2022. CEO Keaney looks to EU recovery fund to help drive digital Ireland.

  • btw322-tt-optical-options
    Network & Infrastructure

    BT explores optical options after Moore, Shannon


    Lord keen to leverage lower-cost data centre technologies for network deployment. Floats idea of ripping out ROADMs in core network and replacing them with routers and ZR optics pluggables. Lower prices through photonic integration seen as key. Promising trials with hollow-core and multi-core fibre.

  • dtw103-tt-europe-natcos-stakes
    Strategy & Change

    Deutsche Telekom’s stakes in Europe NatCos creep up


    Share buybacks increase holdings in Hrvatski Telekom, Magyar Telekom, and OTE. Group ends FY20 with a much-reduced 43.4% stake in T‑Mobile US, but Bonn still calls management shots.

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