• T‑Mobile US (TMUS) appeared to be planning a family-oriented adjunct to the SyncUPDRIVE connected-car product set it launched in 2016 (Deutsche Telekomwatch, #58).

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T-Mobile US planning family-orientated addition to its SyncUp product set

Source: Kevin Delvecchio / Unsplash

According to an entry on the Justia Trademarks website, the NatCo filed SyncUPFamily as a trademark in July 2017 and the first extension was granted in August 2019. TMUS has already extended the SyncUP portfolio with a SyncUPFLEET solution for businesses (Deutsche Telekomwatch, #66). Its plans for the brand appear to go much further, however.

Other SyncUP trademarks submitted by TMUS include SyncUPAir, SyncUPDrone, SyncUPFlight, SyncUPHome, SyncUPMusic, SyncUPNet, SyncUPPets, SyncUPSafety, SyncUPSound, SyncUPTag, and SyncUPTrack.