• Opensignal analysis recognises Telekom with clutch of awards, besting O2 and Vodafone across most metrics.
  • Investment in 5G infrastructure making its mark, but competition not far behind.

Deutsche Telekom gains clean sweep in 5G network rankings

Deutsche Telekom gains clean sweep in 5G network rankings

Source: Deutsche Telekom

Telekom Deutschland bested its German rivals in the latest Opensignal mobile network rankings, with a clean sweep for the operator’s 5G services.

Up against Telefónica Deutschland (O2 Germany) and Vodafone Germany, Telekom Deutschland’s 5G network experience came out on top for games, video, and voice app experience, and both download and upload speeds. It also took ‘awards’ for 5G availability and reach.

Telekom Deutschland won for overall download and upload speeds and the consistency of its network, considering 3G, 4G, and 5G. It missed out on the overall games and voice app experience top-spots, which were taken by Vodafone. O2 was awarded for having the best overall network availability.

Opensignal Mobile Experience Awards, May 2022
Source: Opensignal.
Overall experience

Video experience

Telekom + Vodafone

Games experience


Voice app experience


Download speed experience


Upload speed experience


5G experience

5G video experience


5G games experience


5G voice app experience


5G download speed


5G upload speed





5G availability


5G reach



Excellent consistent quality


Core consistent quality


Independent mobile connectivity analyst Opensignal measured overall network experience and 5G performance in Germany for the quarter to 31 March 2022 to produce a view of ‘real-world’ network experience and performance levels.

Close competition

Although Telekom Deutschland took the headlines with victories across 5G metrics, the competition was not far behind in most. Measured out of 100 points, the operator was within four points of its nearest rival in games, video, and voice app experience on the 5G network.

Similarly, though Telekom Deutschland took the win for 5G experience on a national level, it shared many of the awards with its rivals at a regional level. For example, all three operators shared the accolade for 5G games, video, and voice app experience in Stuttgart.

The network’s download and upload performance, however, was more convincing, and marked a change from the previous reporting period in which O2 was judged to have the faster network.

5G network speeds
Source: Opensignal.

5G download

143.3 Mbps

152.1 Mbps

109.9 Mbps

5G upload

20.1 Mbps

35.1 Mbps

23.2 Mbps

Telekom Deutschland’s 5G network is underpinned by dynamic spectrum sharing, with plans to launch a commercial 5G SA network in 2022. The operator has 5,000 5G SA-ready antennae in the 3.6GHz band and claims that 92% of German households are covered by the 5G network.