• Openreach is taking steps to minimise the cost of installing fibre in new commercial developments, echoing previously flagged commitments to remove or reduce the cost of delivering fibre to residential new-build sites.


Openreach aiming to minimise fibre installation costs in new commercial developments

Source: Adrian Trinkaus / Unsplash

Openreach said in 2018 that it would reduce the cost of installing fibre‑to‑the‑premises in small‑scale housing developments (2–30 homes) by 75% on average (BTwatch, #300). The access services business now appears to be offering commercial developers free fibre installation if the cost to Openreach is below £1,000. Where higher, developers will only be expected to pay costs above the £1,000-mark. It now appears that Openreach will also offer a reduced ratecard for larger commercial sites. The network provider told ISPreview that it would offer the same pricing structure for both residential and commercial developments.