• Vodafone Ukraine could be the next entity to exit Vodafone’s PartnerMarkets organisation. 


Vodafone Ukraine Partner Markets exit looming

Source: Eugene / Unsplash

Azerbaijan‑based mobile operator Bakcell firmed up an acquisition of the Ukrainian business, which transitioned to Vodafone branding as part of a geopolitics-infused reorganisation in 2015 (Vodafonewatch, #147). Russian affiliate Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) was Vodafone Ukraine’s previous owner. The move further reduces the geographic reach of MTS’ PartnerMarkets relationship with Vodafone, with only Armenia and Russia still listed apart from Ukraine — although the Moscow-based operator is a long-time partner of Vodafone (for eleven years) and has appeared one of the more enthusiastic and active users of the PartnerMarkets portfolio (Vodafonewatch, passim).